Youtubin’ Day 1: Wong Fu

I wanted to mention something about Youtube. Because, I’m actually really addicted to it. I love listening to music covers, watching shorts, learning hairstyles, etc. etc. So, I decided I’m going to do a feature on it for a while, introducing my favorite subscribers and their appeal hopefully every day that I have time.

Wong Fu Productions:
So Wong Fu really appeals to me because I’m Asian and they basically are the film industry for Asian people. I will just say it right out – they are my favorite youtubers – as in I squeal when they unleash a new video and die when the one I’m watching ends.
Basically, they create shorts on lots of different topics. They are really creative in what they do and they put a lot of time and effort into it. Funny. Sad. Emotional. Sweet. Cute. Ted, Phil, and Wes are nice guys and amazing writers, directors, etc. So check them out. Go watch it if you never have. Subscribe. Just do it. They are that good.
Haha and no, I did not get paid for this 😛


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