Youtubin’ Day 3: Bubzbeauty

I absolutely heart Bubzbeauty. She is one of the numerous beauty gurus out there, but she constantly amazes me not only with her videos, which are always cute and funny and good, but with her entire being.

A devoted Christian, her happiness for life and her ability to poke fun of people displays a genuine person, a genuine role model for me to look up to. She decided to live in Hong Kong rather than pursue life in the U.S. because she did not want the effects that fame may bring in places like L.A. Through that, she was able to focus more on herself and her family (she just got married!) rather than be someone else in the superficial atmosphere that is Hollywood.

I highly recommend her videos to those who just want someone bubbly to listen to, someone to give you advice and girl talk, someone that is real.


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