Youtubin’ Day 5: Jacksgap

So, I recently discovered Jacksgap. I am unfortunately very addicted to them now. It is composed of identical twins Jack and Finn.  They are both the most attractive pair of people I have ever seen in my lives… and they are British. (fun fact: they are friends with Zoella… all British youtubers know each other!) They talk about the most random stuff in their videos, however, I am most impressed with the fact that they go and share of all the charity trips that they take and try to raise more money for – for example, Teenage Cancer Fund, and it’s really quite inspiring to see what they can do and what they are using their fame for. Check out their videos about the Rainbow Centre and their Sri Lanka trip and spread the word!

Jacksgap are my second to last Youtube introduction blog thingies ^.^ Don’t want to drag this out too much haha!

On a side note, I am going to be incredibly busy this week. I have so many tests in my AP classes and I am taking the SAT next Saturday, so please pray for me 🙂


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