On the Topic of Niceness

I don’t understand how there are people in the world who are mean to each other. It just really, entirely confuses me.

The topic of bullying comes into mind. There are constant stories of people in the news who have been bullied into depression, or cutting, or even suicide. And they are done so by people who may or may not know them personally. To address those who do not know them, I cannot comprehend why they feel the need to attack someone whom they do not know and someone who they cannot judge realistically based on, for example, a Facebook picture. People jump into conclusions very often. They see one picture of someone who is fat and tell them they need to go on a diet, or they need to exercise, or even simply, they just jeer at them for their obesity. What they might not know is that that person might have just gone through a death in their lives or they may have been trying very hard to lose weight, but is finding it difficult due to a genetic problem. I have found this critique particularly prevalent in terms of the judgment of celebrities. There is a strong love-hate relationship with celebrities, in which we, as a culture, are obsessed with them, but are also desperately obsessed with critiquing them. We are jealous of their success and because they are constantly scrutinized and constantly watched through the public’s eyes, all their faults and all their problems magnify significantly in comparison to everybody else. I’ll take Miley Cyrus, a very sensitive topic right now, as an example. I personally don’t like her. But why don’t I like her? Is it because she loves ripping off her clothes and twerking herself to the extreme? Is it the scandalous way she dresses and the attention she gets because of it? Is it because there are hundreds of people who could have that attention do to their good deeds, but don’t, because people like Cyrus enjoy sticking their butt into our living room television. But…. does she deserve death threats? Does she deserve absolute condemnation? She is a person just like us. She has her issues and we have ours. We have people doing drugs in our society and others murdering people and stealing and raping, etc. Yet, they are not the single target of hatred of all Americans because they are not as famous as her. We do not know her and I simply want to stress that our opinions of her and everyone else we don’t know should be developed gradually. We should tread carefully. Because the consequences of wrongful opinions and jeers and remarks may be greater than we ever know.

Now onto those that we do know and have had a while to shape our opinion of them. I admit, many times, that I have been mean to other people. Sometimes it’s because I’ve been having a rough day or I’m just downright irritated with them. Other times, it’s entirely out of nowhere. However, my mean streak is not intended to deliberately hurt someone. There are actually people who will gang up on someone and attempt to criticize them and to break them down solely for the purpose of breaking their heart. WHAT IS THAT?! What is life? Have we sunk so low that in order to make ourselves feel better we feel the need to make others feel worse? To. Their. Face? That is an utmost low and an utmost shame. Unjustifiable cruelty is beyond comprehension.  I honestly don’t even know how to explain it, because it seems so obvious to myself. It feels like something that should have been eradicated centuries ago. Do to others what you would like them to do to you. Nobody likes being the victim of attacks. Nobody likes being straight-up criticized fully to the core. So how do people generate enough hatred towards a person to be able to do so to another person and thereby disregarding all innate natures of compassion and geniality?

Of course, this is a long and much debated topic that has been condensed and stretched in odd places in my writing. Clearly, people are still reasoning and conversing and arguing and whatnot. This is simply my opinion. Probably summed up, I question people’s lack of perception- to be able to see a point of view from other people’s lives to a certain degree so that they would stop or at least understand bullying or being mean in general to other people.

I’m sorry if this was long and rambley and kind of stupid. It was just one of those days. :/ To end, I guess, I was scrolling through Facebook as I was writing this blog and right at that very second, Kandee Johnson, a Beauty Guru, posted a link to her own blog talking about the very topic I am talking about now! (in a sense) I thought this quote was very good. It talks about people criticizing others  about clothing, which is why she mentions style…

“TOP HATING on STUPID things like people’s style, hair, etc….and START having an open heart and mind, and looking for something you love, even if it’s just someone’s bravery and confidence for wearing a style you might not ever sport.”

To read her article, go here =)


Oh and finally, one final thing, I promise:

Proverbs 10:12 Hatred stirs up dissension, but love covers all wrongs.

That’s all you need to know about anything. Love. It does wonders.

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