I have some exciting news. J.K. Rowling is helping with a movie that is related to Hogwarts. I absolutely adore the Harry Potter books and the fact that she is doing something related to the magical world of Harry Potter has made me beyond happy.

Although I heard about this a while ago, I wanted to express my emotions and my thoughts on this new “thing.” While some people are claiming that she is “milking the series for all its worth,” I don’t think so. I believe that if she thought the series was over, then it was over. For her, it was more about whether the opportunity or the situation would be suited for another Harry Potter. She gave it her all for this series… as seen by that intense and crazy diagram she drew for Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. And she’ll give it her all for this next project she’s doing. She is a wonderful storyteller and I know that this story, even though set 70 years before Potter’s, will be an amazing read.

My joy at this news is the same as my joy of the fact that there is going to be a Finding Dory.


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  1. Cool diagram. Order of the Phoenix is my favorite story because it has so much depth and is so complex. JKR is a pretty amazing writer. 🙂


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