Some crazy spoilers… Fault In Our Stars


As some of you may know, I just purchased a couple of new books, A Fault In Our Stars, House of Hades, and The Fall of Five. I have several biased, indignant thoughts about them.

A Fault in Our Stars

This is pretty basic and pretty obvious, but WHY DID AUGUSTUS HAVE TO DIE? He seemed like a perfect person, both handsome and optimistic and wonderful and so eloquent that no way, in real life, would anyone sound like that. This one I’m just mad about because it kind of destroys the happy ending that the superficial and inexperienced reader like myself relishes upon. From a literary point of view, however, it was an absolute brilliant move by John Green. It basically shows that no life is indestructible and Hazel’s resignation to her own departure is suddenly cast down in despicable terms as she is faced to realize that rather than moping about her own death, she should choose rather to embrace life and live it to the fullest. But back to his death… WHYYYYYYYYYYYY

Another thing. Peter Van Houten. I get that he is an absolute moron in real life, however, I feel like it is unrealistic for him to sound so sincere and so dedicated in writing and a drunkard and crazy person in real life. I understand, the same way that I understand why Green killed off Augustus, that it goes to show that artistic writers do not have to be good people. However, it just simply didn’t seem to correlate in any terms at all, no forshadowing of any of his true character, which I believe is a little iffy.

In conclusion?

What we have here is a beautiful, lyrical book marred because it causes devastation to the emotionally wrecked reader like myself 😛

And that concludes my only criticisms for this wonderful, wonderful book. Go read it. And cry. And cry some more.


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