HP vs HG Day 2

General Plot

Harry Potter – You could tell that JK Rowling put her entire heart into writing Harry Potter. Everything fit perfectly into place. The revelation about Snape – my absolute favorite part of the entire series, by the way, was prefigured from the very first book. The insistence by Dumbledore that he had a solid reason for the goodness of Snape. The way Rowling carefully crafted Snape to be someone hated by the reader, only to, after the book series ended, be revered forever (or at least by me) Every single book had no inconsistency and instead, had almost boundless subtle hints throughout that all managed to come together in the end – another example, The Prisoner of Azkaban and the fact that Harry himself saved himself from the dementors. 

Hunger Games – Hunger Games fit too, however, there wasn’t anything in the beginning that substantiated the end even more. Everything seemed to happen one at a time and Katniss had to face it one at a time. It just seemed very linear to me. I liked Catching Fire because I thought that the clock Hunger Games was a very interesting concept, however, Mockingjay just seemed a deluge of events happening, obstacles coming one at a time, with no significance or buildup. To tell the truth, I was very disappointed with the last book. Usually the last book is the triumphant end, etc. etc, as the protagonist prevails and whatnot, but all the problems for Mockingjay seemed to go away, oh so conveniently, and at times unrealistically. It was good. But it wasn’t amazing, like HP. 




  1. Look at the fanfiction that exists for Harry Potter and Hunger Games. Harry Potter always wins and if you ask me that says something. So, I agree with you when it comes to Harry Potter being more amazing.. Harry Potter also has more fans.

  2. I totally agree (once again)! 🙂

    The intricacies of Harry Potter are incredible. Sirius Black is mentioned in the first chapter of the first book. Mooney/Crouch and Snape have a whole conversation that is full of so many undertones when you know who is really good and who is really bad. The Locket Horcurx is mentioned in book 5 when they are cleaning up #12. The Vanishing Cabinet Draco repairs in book 6 to transport the Death Eaters into Hogwarts, was broken in book 2 by nearly Headless Nick when he was trying to save Harry from getting into trouble with Filch. My list could go on and on… And Snape (I love Snape)…you hit it spot on…”The way Rowling carefully crafted Snape to be someone hated by the reader, only to, after the book series ended, be revered forever.”

    Harry Potter is an amazing story because of how everything interconnects.


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