HP vs HG Day 3

Hmmm, I think this shall be my last one, because I can’t get too overexcited about Harry Potter, cuz everyone will think that I’m a geek. Which I am. Somewhat.

The Finish.

Harry Potter – Harry Potter had it. The last book? Better than in my dreams. Except for all deaths. She shouldn’t have killed off Fred. I legit cried. Anyways, off from that side note, it was an amazing revelation for me. An absolute joy to read. And what really fulfilled it for me, perhaps, was the fact that I didn’t have ‘end of book series – depression’ after it. I felt fully satisfied because it had that kind of ending. The revelation of Snape, the 19 years later chapter,  the idea of Harry as the last Horcrux, the use of Neville to kill of Nagini, Harry using Expelliarmus, the entire search for the Horcruxes. Amazing. The End.

Hunger Games – I liked the first two books. It was an incredibly interesting concept and I feel like Suzanne Collins did quite a good job with them. The intriguing use of the berries, the exploration into the depths of human nature in order to have stability, the mystery of President Snow (hmmmm mmm yummy stuff right there). The third book, unfortunately, killed it for me. Rather than wrapping it up on a high note, it left me feeling sorry I read it. She built the love triangle so strongly in the first two books and she suddenly solved it with a sidenote – Gale left for the Capitol. At least half of the book is devoted to the strange murmurings of Katniss’s thoughts… and that left what was a teen dystopian novel into a psychology chaos. The death of Prim. It kind of took away from the main aspects of the novel in total, because that was really all Katniss strived for in life. It would be very similar to the death of Hermione, or somebody. The book just felt fragmented after it. And finally, the actual ending was ambiguous. It wasn’t satisfying and didn’t fully show whether or not the Games had left for good and whether there would be any change. All that it verified was that Katniss and her family were going to be safe.

I wrote these books primarily based on my memory, which can be with fault at times, so please, call me out for any mistake! 🙂



  1. I agree once again. Loved the last book of HP…although the once deficiency I saw in Rowlings books was that I didn’t feel she debriefed her audience enough. When a “war” is over there is a lot of recovery to do and I think we as readers should have gotten to be part of at least a little of this recovery process. 🙂


      1. That was just how I felt when the books ended. 🙂 But maybe I just wanted more because I loved the characters so much.


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