So I started doing winter track again. My legs hurt so badly. And so do my arms…. like what? I don’t even use my arms that much in running. And my toes hurt. You know what this means? I am soooo out of shape. Clearly, this is the greatest workout my arms have gotten since who knows when. 

I’m not a stamina person. I can’t do laps around the track field like Mo Farah. For me, it’s more of a shifting walk. I don’t understand how people can simply glide across distances, their hair flying behind them, the world a blur. I simply feel pain and discomfort. But others feel the urge to run marathons, to run simply to relax… It’s not my thing. 

But I do it. To run in order to harden the mind as well as those (rather shy) abs. To prove to myself that I am beyond my physical capabilities. 



    1. My coach calls it the “ARMy military” because we have to move our arms at 90 degree angles whenever we run. Needless to say, I have never moved my arms so much in my life!

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