I haven’t blogged in a while. O.O A long time. Crazy long. Scarily long. 

I’m sorry 😦 

I’ve been very busy doing some important stuff… i.e. studying and studying and studying. I have midterms and quizzes and tests and all that crazy high school stress of every high school student. 😛 Junior year, you know. 

Currently, as I type, I should be studying for a very important chem quiz… but I just wanted to reflect on 2013. An “ehhhh” kind of year. I had many accomplishments, but also many disappointments. I was filled with great joy and also soaked in great sadness. I found out two of my friends had depression. One of my friends fell into a deep pit of stress and frustration and had to take a two month break from school. At the same time, I did well on my SATs. I became closer with so many new people. I experienced some of the greatest and most profound experiences of my life. Interestingly, each year seems to pass by so quickly, but so many moments and memories have been crammed into each and every year… if that makes sense? 

In 2014, what do I strive to be? My New Year’s Resolutions, so to speak? 

I want to be strong both physically and mentally. 

I want to be compassionate and loving

I want to not fall down that dark and thorny road of temptation. 

I want to be “self controlled.” 

I want to be a God girl. 

Lots of love,

Me (i.e. Procrastination woman) 



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