Holland Roden Style


Holland Roden (from Teen Wolf)

In the first outfit, she is rocking a crop top and skirt combo, focusing both on her legs and emphasizing her waistline. I’m particularly liking the sheer fabric along with the dots on the sleeves and collar. It seems to give it a kind of whimsical feel. She’s wearing a pair of blue shoes that color well with the white of her outfit. 

In the second outfit, she is wearing an unusual shirt… that I don’t even know how to describe. She pairs it along with a pair of trouser shorts that are very wide. Wide shorts are perfect for those who don’t have super long and skinny legs, because they give the illusion of the legs being longer. I think this outfit is quite unusual, but she pulls it off very well. 

In the third outfit, she is again pulling out the sheer fabric. This kind of shows skin without showing it in a way. I absolutely adore the periwinkle, powder blue color. Absolutely adore. She again, knows how to dress her pear body shape very well. The straight dress line (I don’t even know what it’s called :P) hides a larger waist width, while being short enough to show off a lot of leg. Her hair and makeup as well seem to complement her skin tone muy bien. 




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