Holland Roden Style Part 2




Whew. It’s been a while since the first post about Holland Roden! How ’bout that Teen Wolf eh? 

Anyways, again, her red carpet style is always consistently unique, interesting, and fun. 

In the first dress, it looks like she’s wearing a paint splattered dress. However, it manages to emphasize both her chest area and her waist area in the most flattering way with the a cinch in the waist. The dress ends with a surprising, but fun twist – leaving just a peep of her red shoes. It reminds of flower petals ❤

The second outfit, I’m digging the unique shoulder sleeves, the slight flare with a slit. The texture and waves of the skirt as well look amazing and her entire outfit stays with this neutral tone throughout. 

The third outfit, I absolutely adore her hair and make up in this! Her auburn? red? hair complements the dark green of her dress perfectly. The combination of mesh, lace, patterns, satin all together gives this dress a quirky cute vibe. Plus, her sandals, staying inconspicuously out of the way of her outfit, are just too darnedy cute. I can’t pull this color off, but she sure can. 



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