Malaysia Airline

This has been a big deal. A huge deal. It’s the most popular topic in Google News for a week now. Every time I read an article about it I cry. I know it’s helpless, but to think, 2/3 of those passengers are Chinese. 2/3 of those passengers were potentially the only son, the only daughter of their parents. These families must be absolutely devastated. Not only those people, but the five children. They would never be able to experience and enjoy life. Every single one of their loved ones in absolute sadness. 

At this time, what can we do? There is nothing. But we must show care. We must show compassion. We must show empathy. We must look beyond our own selfish desires, our ignorant views on the world, and to come together. In prayer. In love. 

Cherish everyone. Say I love you. Pray Pray Pray for those who persecute you. Help the world become a better place. 

Pray for the passengers. Send good vibes and good thoughts. I hope they are in a good place. I hope they are sitting on an island sipping coconut juice somewhere. I hope they are alive and well and that this mysterious disaster can be solved all the more quickly. 

I hope that when I look back on this, it will be with joy and not sadness. I hope. 


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