all’s well that ends well?

I had a hunker dunker big tough year. My relationship with God has been feeling like a spiral continuously downwards. I’ve struggled a lot with my grades and being accepted and general expectations of those around me and particularly my parents. I want to do well, I really do. But as I think about my AP scores and my SAT subject test score that I will find out soon enough, I crumble a little from fear and from sadness and stress. 

But is everything going to be okay? I have a lot to be thankful for. The miraculous 6 point boost to my failure of a chem grade. The generous actions of my teachers. The forever love of an amazing God who will never abandon me. Is all well that ends well? 

Summer is the start of something new. Of the lovely smell of honeysuckle and the promises of new friendship and cherished memories. Summer I will do better. All will be well 🙂 

Perhaps a goal to blog more? I hope so 😛 Dreadfully sorry :/ 


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