Being Asian


This Onion post pretty much described the entire Asian social life in one paragraph. As true as can be, this is me. I go to a private Catholic school in upper Delaware. The majority of the students are rich, white, and Catholic. I am not Catholic, solidly middle class, and pretty Asian. This results in this separation of groups that is clearly exaggerated in this article. Most of my friends at my school are white – this being because there are only white people there. I hang out with my school friends all during the school year, whether that’s going to the movies or out to dinner or just hanging out at somebody’s house for a sleepover. At the same time, I have a tight-knit group of essentially all Asian friends. Now I have no idea where other Asians make their Asian friends, but I have pooled from a variety of sources. Those being Chinese school, family friends, church, and just mutual acquaintances. I love both of my groups dearly. Although my school one I feel I am not extremely close to, they have definitely allowed me to be part of their life and they have each influenced a significant portion of my time at my high school/middle school/wherever else they may have existed. My Chinese friends have stayed with me as a constant through life. Perhaps the reason I have so many Asian friends is because we are all in this together … expectations of parents, the foreignness of being a minority, the contrasts of culture at home and in public, whatever it is. I am grateful for each and every one of my friendships. And if you are an Asian, perhaps give that above article a read because you will definitely understand.


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