One of the worst things about girls are that we are so stuck on our imperfections that we are not truly able to appreciate our finer qualities. People have put so much focus on their weight and height, their fashion style, their face… if we did not judge others on their appearance, we would all be so much happier.

I have struggled with accepting my imperfections as well…

I only have one dimple, so this makes my smile kind of crooked.

I don’t have straight teeth, so I’m wearing retainers, invisalign. 

I’m short and I definitely am not the skinniest person in the room.

I could go on and on and on and so could so many other girls…

To all those out there… everyone has their own insecurities. The strongest girl, the tallest, the prettiest, the shortest, the outcast… we always look so much more critically at ourselves than at other people so we must remember that we are all beautiful under God’s eyes. We are loved by family and friends, we are viewed for our actions and our grace, we are above the bullying and the self harm. Please, please, please do not let your appearance define you as a person.

Much love to all those who are struggling. You are above.



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