a mild tempered rant:

to you

you are so freaking successful:

you go to an amazing school

you have a TON of friends

you are beautiful and nice and kind

that is

on the outside

but really girl, i am completely fed up with you

i want you to really look deep and down into your heart and answer this

to what purpose are you showing off for

i have terrible judgment of people, but once it was revealed to me, it was prevalent, never ending, always there

although i don’t agree with the way certain people have approached you about this, i think it still needs to be said, because it seems as though you really don’t have much in life that is holding you back or holding you at that question

you suck up to those who are cool, those who are older, those who are popular

because i am none of those three or four or whatever categories you have imposed in your mind, i am not worthy of your attention, your praise, or anything

why do you distinguish people so?

why can you not love everybody equally?

it is selfish and unfair and although you are human and i try and i try to understand, you cannot keep doing this

it’ll ruin your reputation

people will find out

it’s as good thing you have a lot of friends

a lot of friends to lose that is

a final conclusion: please stop stop stop stepping on people so that you can move yourself up – you can only do this for so much – you are only bringing pain and insecurity to those you step on and you can smile your smile, but God knows it’s you

just needed to let that out

apologies because usually i’m not this fed up


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