Weekly Faves 6

1. Alex Currie Media

So I know of Alex Currie through a mutual friend, but basically, the guy’s amazingly talented. He’s a photographer and a cinematographer, has won national awards at film festivals, has been featured for Vogue Italia, one of the top photographers on flickr, etc. etc.. I stumbled across his Youtube Channel and was blown away by the subtle depths and beauty of his work, the urging questions and the thematic principles. I’m absolutely amazed by the fact that this guy is the same age as me and has had so many accomplishments thus far.

Alex Currie Media – Youtube Channel

Alex Currie Media – Website

2. Catch 22

I’m reading Catch 22 in Lit class right now. At first I didn’t like it… but now, I’m astounded by Joseph Heller’s capabilities. He manages to link so many different themes in so many different ways, the intricacies, the inner themes, the complexities, the recurring repetiion, the circular logic, the humor, the Catch 22 – WOW.

3. Et Pourquoi pas Coline?

This is a French fashion blog. Unfortunately, I do not speak nor read French, so I simply just look at the pictures. I absolutely love the lady’s fashion sense though – it’s very elegant, classy, yet also very spunky and unique. This is definitely the style of clothing that I would wear and I draw a lot of inspiration for her. Plus, you can tell she puts a lot of effort into all of her blog posts and I think that really shows off.


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