Giving Blood

So I donated blood for the first time of my life today… let’s say it was kind of a disaster Photo on 1-30-15 at 5.00 PM

I’ll try to keep it pretty short and simple, but it’s a pretty long story as it is.

I got to the place to give blood and my parents told me to drink lots and lots of water. So I drank two bottles of water and went to the bathroom two times. After waiting for maybe 1 1/2 hours, I was finally in the chair about to give blood. Then, the first problem comes up – my veins in my right arm were not noticeable enough. So they switched over to the right arm, prodding me several times, before finally poking the needle in my arm. Then, they reach another problem about how the blood is going into the system and they take the tape off my arm and readjust the needle and add a little something to prop it up. Then, they put the tape back on. Around this time, I start to get this urge to go to the bathroom… REALLY BADLY. I had no idea why considering I had gone to the bathroom a mere 10 minutes before I started the process. Anyway, I am squeezing the ball that they give us to pump the blood out and it is suspiciously hurting my arm every time I squeeze, which is kind of unsettling. Then, the woman who is helping me finally turns around and is like “Oh god… what’s wrong?” It turns out that I was squeezing the ball so hard that I popped the needle out and no, my blood was not going into where it was supposed to be going, it was simply pooling in the crook of my arm. They took the white gauze stuff off of it and I flip out as they exclaim over it. This creates another problem because as I freak out, I start to lose all the blood in my head. However, they tell me to cough, but I can’t because I HAD to go to the bathroom. Thus, they took me off in a wheelchair. I went to the bathroom. Nearly fainted. And came back to eat more food. Missed three of my classes and lunch.

So yeah

that was fantastic


Definitely going to do it again though. What a great experience.

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