1. Andrew McMahon

I really like the pump up vibe of his music – whenever you need to be happy, just listen to it. Whenever I fall in love with one specific song, I will jam out on repeat.

2. Tab for a Cause

Tab for A Cause

You can download this app on whatever browser you use. Without any effort on your part, every time you open a new tab, it will play an ad and you will get a heart – these hearts can be donated to various organizations that are close to you – water, health, human rights, etc. The hearts are generated as ad revenue and it will be changed into money that gets donated. It’s a pretty innovative way of raising money. Right now, they have raised a total of $106,440.34, so please join because the more people that are on board, the more money that gets donated!

3. iPhone


And I suppose this goes without saying, but I am pretty excited about my new iPhone. I find it so much easier to talk to people and to communicate – via email or Facebook…  I am still debating whether or not to get an instagram, but we’ll see. Hopefully I can use it to take more pictures to share to you all of all the exciting things in my life heh

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