Week 2/13/15


I started my week off with a nice college interview at Starbucks. Unfortunately for me, the interviewer had to postpone the interview until later in the day – I received the notice only after I arrived. I took this lonely pic of my Cappuccino. I went back later in the day and ordered a Chai tea… pretty sure the cash register guy saw me again and was very confused lol


Saturday, I went to the Tiger Invitational Science Olympiad. Loads of fun as always… also the first time I’ve placed in this competition! I placed 4th in Technical Problem Solving 🙂


Later that night, it started snowing. I snapped this quick pic as we were trudging along on the highway.


Next night, dinner party! We had a dinner party for Chinese New Year. Lots of Asians and a whole ton of food.


We also watched the Croods – which if you haven’t seen it, is such a funny good-feel movie!


More snow :/

It’s also snowing again right now – everything is covered.


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