1. Art on Old Book Paper

I don’t know why… but I FREAKING LOVE THIS. I think it just looks so charming and so quaint. Although I don’t really have any old books similar to this or any old books that I would destroy just for aesthetic appeal, it is just so beautiful. Maybe sometime at a garage sale, I’ll buy an old book and try to do a little art, drawing, etc. Frame it. Either way, the old book words and whatever colorful illustration you put onto it, in whatever composition, will look gorgeous.

2. Stand Up Pen

So apparently this is a stand up pen – iT DOESN’T LIE DOWN LIKE A NORMAL WRITING UTENSIL – it just goes there and exists and it looks super cool. Idk the functionality as that person commented in the pin, but I guess it might be better for organization? Either way, it is a pretty interesting invention.

3. Mug

I love mugs. I think they’re adorable – especially the ones with cute little sayings or cute little designs on them. This one, however, is different. It’s special… it’s got this geometric, paint-splattered white, almost vanilla ice cream kind of look to it. And that’s beautiful – not cute or adorable – but just so artistic and and unique.


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