Hong Kong

The first stop on our glorious vacation this summer was to Hong Kong. Originally, the plan was to go to Japan and then to China, but then of course things changed around and Hong Kong was the more convenient and cheaper option. We only spent three days in Hong Kong, but we really only genuinely needed one day to experience and see the sights and main attractions.

Our hotel was booked right in Times Square of Hong Kong, which is in essence, the center. Tons of people, tons of shops, tons of couples and little street vendors and glorious businesses all around, we drank in the sights. Because we were so close to everything, the first night, we just walked around and explored the area, stopping to make a nighttime meal at the shopping center.

IMG_1069     IMG_1075

The next day, we woke up bright and early for famed Hong Kong Dim Sum! I forget the name of the place we went, but it was interesting because you essentially just served yourself. It was quite a trial trying to figure out how to order and such and my mom had some difficulty adjusting to the fact that most of the people didn’t understand Mandarin Chinese. Nonetheless, everything worked out and the food came out so quickly! Plus it was half the price because we finished before 11!

IMG_1093     IMG_1421

Once we finished eating, we went to Hong Kong The Peak! This is one of Hong Kong’s Top Ten attractions and it sure was amazing. We took a trolley up all the way to the mountain and from there, took an immense amount of pictures. There’s also a bunch of shops there and we had some nice old bubble tea.

IMG_1503    IMG_1259

After finishing at The Peak, we went down to walk around the Victorian Harbor along the Avenue of Stars.

IMG_1256    IMG_1119

Overall, Hong Kong was a great experience! We had a lot of fun and the people were all so nice and friendly, although busy with all of their every day work. I think the only thing I regret is not getting the chance to do some extensive shopping there, but I feel that even in the short amount of time that we spent there, we got to experience most of what Hong Kong has to offer! Here’s to going back to that beautiful place.


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