Longwood Gardens & Terrains at Styers

Over the summer, my boyfriend and I went to Longwood Gardens and then followed that up with a visit to Terrains at Styers for lunch.

We decided that since we hadn’t seen most of the outdoor activities at Longwood Gardens (last time we went it was raining), we tried to do our best to walk the entire loop within the hour and a half that we had. Some quick pictures we took…

After we went to Longwood Gardens, we went to Terrains at Styers. If you haven’t been there, you should definitely check it out! I’ll put the address down below 🙂 Anyway, for those who haven’t been, it’s a cute little shop and restaurant. It sells pots and home decor goods as well as flowers and trees. In addition to that, it has a beautiful restaurant that goes along with its theme quite well. Everything is served in a greenhouse, with bread baked in a pot, green plants everywhere, and the general ambience of the restaurant is amazingly refreshing and new. I’ll stop describing it so much and just show you now heh

Terrain at Styers

914 Baltimore Pike
Glen Mills, PA 19342



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