YouTube Day 1: Cooking with Dog

As a celebration of my blog achieving yet another year <3, I have decided to revive something that I did as part of my very first blog posts – a feature on some of my favorite YouTubers, which have evolved and changed since that first day three or so years ago.

I stumbled upon this channel Cooking With Dog by accident during many a hungry night in my college dorm – watching other people cooking food and eating it is almost as good as eating it yourself, right?

What really sticks out to me about this channel is its quality and its originality. Ever since they started their YouTube channel (around 2007?), they have had the same format of video making. Obviously, the number of pixels have changed due to increasing technology, but the general format has always been the same. It always starts with lovely Chef (real name unknown) offering a greeting, before bustling into the neat, organized method of Japanese cooking with Francis, her real life dog by her side “narrating” (actually a man speaking in a  Japanese English French accent). At the end, they always have the exact ingredients written down with Chef tasting the food and petting Francis. It has always been so clean and simple, professionally done, and of course a million times better than anything else with the unique addition of Francis in the cooking videos.

If anyone is interested in Japanese-style cooking recipes or just a lover of both dogs and food, I would definitely check this cute little YouTube channel out.

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