Kiernan Shipka Style

Experimenting with this new method for now, but I hope you guys enjoy it! Definitely a work in progress, but hopefully I will figure out as I manipulate things how to place things better and more clearer with more information, yada yada

K.jpgAnyway, I wanted to talk about Kiernan Shipka’s style, which I think has so flawlessly transitioned through the years of her being in the spotlight. I also think that the way she dresses is pretty unextreme, which means lots of people can replicate if they so choose. I chose these three looks from the last couple of months when she was on the red carpet because I think they really establish how she is able to pull off a variety of looks very successfully.

Some things I noticed…

  1. Coordination – Everything in her outfit works complementary with the other aspects. Her hair, for example, in look 2 would look terrible with look 1 because it would be reminiscent of the flowery components of her dress and make for an overwhelming sense of frill. Thus, she keeps it sleek and off her face, showing off the off-the-shoulder look of her dress very well. That was just one example, but clearly throughout, from her shoes to her makeup to her hair, she has in mind what kind of air she wants to create and follows through completely.
  2. Stance – Kiernan also really knows how to pose on the red carpet. She is pretty short, so crossing her legs in the pictures actually elongates them in 1 and 3, looks where her legs are very visible. Look 3 is elegant, even more so because she stands very tall and straight with her shoulders back. Thus, it is not only her sense of style (which of course has probably quite an influence from her stylist) but also the awareness of her outfit that makes her quite the fashionable little lady. 🙂

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