Emma Watson: Quirky Outfits

When I was younger, I used to be so confused as to why celebrities chose to dress the way they did on the red carpet. However, I realize, now that I am older, that it’s probably because they go to so many events, so many different shows that they are probably tired of just wearing what’s considered traditionally pretty or beautiful. They want to experiment and see if what they pull off can actually be worn or not.

I personally think Emma Watson does a wonderful job of this. Her outfit choices are somewhat unusual, but definitely not extreme (as some others), meaning that I can totally see some of these outfits transitioning into more standard wear on the red carpet. Emma.jpg

  1. 2012 Haute Couture, Dior with Tiffany & Co. key pendant and Boucheron diamond studs
    1. This outfit is reminiscent of the one that I put up of Kiernan Shipka, but I do believe Emma was earlier! 🙂 This outfit works because it is put together well, everything is sleek and fitted, in a perfect monochrome black. Thus, it looks elegant rather than weird.
  2. 2014 Elle Style Awards London, Giambattista Valli Haute Couture dress
    1. I believe the bottom part of the outfit is actually a gigantic bow, which I think is absolutely so creative. It transforms such a girly item into the silhouette of a dress itself.
  3. 2014 Haute Couture Paris, Dior head-to-toe
    1. This outfit is probably the most “normal” of the five. However, I still think there must be something said about the asymmetry – although it looks odd, I actually think it makes it look unique.I love the incorporation of typical style fads of the day such as see through tulle and the high-low structure, while also be quirky and original in its own way.
  4. 2015 Time 100 Gala, wearing Dior top, jean and skirt with Repossi and Eva Fehren jewelry
    1. I think women should wear pants more for dressy occasions! I enjoy the odd little cape of gray material at Emma’s waist because it adds to the dressy flair despite being a pair of pants.
  5. 2013 GQ Men of the Year Awards, Balenciaga top and pants
    1. This one was pretty odd, to be sure, but again, I love the fact that she wore pants. The crop top and cape part of the top definitely adds a flair to the outfit, making it both edgy and proud.



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