5 Shops I want to visit in NYC

  1. Muji Fifth Avenue


    Some of my friends have been gushing about this store to me – the absolute best place for stationary lovers. In fact, one of them actually gifted me three Muji pens when she went to New York, and they have quickly become some of my favorite pens. I can’t wait to visit and see more of the things that they offer.

  1. Story


    From what I have heard about this store, it basically acts like a magazine but sells merchandise at the same time. In other words, every 4-8 weeks, they will change the entire style of their store to fit a certain trend or a certain holiday or whatever theme is prevalent at the time. This means the store decor, the goods being sold, everything. You can go on their website to check out and learn more – click on “Stories” to see some of the past things they’ve done!

  2. The Strand


    I love used bookstores – there’s one in New Haven that is the absolute most adorable thing ever. This bookstore however is absolutely gigantic and filled with every possible book you can imagine. I can just imagine myself going in, browsing for hours, and coming back with tons of cheap, wonderful reads.

  3. & Other Stories


    This is essentially the F21 of New York (with F21 also existing of course). They sell similar things at a similar price, which is really nice for those of us who can’t go to the big department stores of New York without being blown away by the number of 0s at the end of a price tag.

  4. Housing Works Thrift Shop (Chelsea)


    Not only is this a fairly nice thrift shop, but everything sold is used to benefit New Yorkers suffering from HIV/AIDS. Really awesome concept and design.

For more information, click here! 


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