Yale Architecture


– Sterling Memorial Library 2nd floor – one of the first places that I explored at Yale, Sterling has so many strange and unique places to visit even simply just its dimly lit hallways in perfect synchrony


– Yale Forestry School – I went to visit this place just recently because I heard it was lovely … and yes, it is incredibly beautiful! And everything was so filled with light and wood, it just fit the exact presence of a forestry school.


– Battell Chapel – This is obviously not the best picture of Battell Chapel, but I thought it was interesting that the icy branches seemed to fit the patterns of the spires on the top of the building. I often take this one for granted as I live right next to it.


– Tunnel underneath Hillhouse Ave –  I also recently discovered this one when my TA led me to her office from one building to this one, traveling under a total of THREE buildings. I love the creepy industrial secretive feel of this tunnel and also how beneficial it will be the next time it rains 🙂 


– Alley on Church St – Someone pointed this out to me at the very beginning of this year. It’s really crazy how if you didn’t stop to really take a look, you would probably miss it. Still unsure who did it or whether it was the work of some really amazing street graffiti artist that all three of these buildings decided to keep 


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