Musings Lately

I’m sure by now everyone has heard about the various shootings that have happened in the past couple of days – Christina Grimmie, the Orlando shooting, the one in Beirut, etc.

It makes my heart so so heavy. I remember waking up to a friend’s message saying that Christina Grimmie had been shot. It was like a dose of cold water spilling over me as I sat there still not comprehending that one of the very first YouTubers I ever followed had been shot. I remember someone had written somewhere that this kind person, this God lover, ball of energy true to herself person who had cared so much for others and her fans had been killed – and not even peacefully, but in the most violent way a person can die. What more is there except tears?

And then I heard about Orlando. This one hit me in a different way than Christina Grimmie’s death. I had not been on my phone or on any electronic device all day and so when I finally got on, I was confused at the posts and the statuses that people were putting up. The world was still reeling from one incident and now there was another one so soon? This one outraged me. I have friends who are part of the LGBTQ community. This was the largest mass shooting in United States history. That is insane. And I remember reading this post from Tim Be Told which captures so much how I feel…

Usually I feel like I can muster up enough strength to say something meaningful in the face of tragedy. But today I feel hopeless. It’s not violent people who are dying at the hands of violent men; it’s little children at school, families going to the movies, musicians sharing a song, or friends dancing at a club. I have no prayers tonight. Just tears and rage.

I cannot understand why terrible things happen to good people. In a book that I am currently reading, it says that it is because God has a plan and a purpose for these bumps and great pains in our life. But this is not the complete truth because how is dying a way to become greater? How is killing people a way to help these dead people become better? There is nothing for them. And I don’t understand and pray that God will one day answer my questions.

All I do know is this, that if God has a plan and a purpose, then I definitely think that this issue of gun control should be brought into greater awareness and with greater urgency towards those who have the power to change it for the better. The time for political correctness is over. We need to act.


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