Photography Explorations

I used a Canon T2i for the following shots. I focused on several things such as space, color, light, blur, and practicing adjusting aperture, ISO, shutter speed, etc. to create certain effects. Continuously, practice makes perfect and through really focusing on photography, I’ve learned so much!


Right before blowing out the candles on a birthday cake, everything dark except for this and that moment


My room, making the shutter speed very low and shaking quite violently to create this distortion


A random shot, trying to capture the green, the brown, and the dark and light of the walls. Not sure if any certain artistic effect was achieved, but I kind of quite like this shot.


The so-called bokeh effect created through manual focusing of the lens – didn’t work too well as only a couple street lamps and a garage lamp were on, but I thought it was a reflective color of the skies above


Taken in Philadelphia, I loved shooting at different angles to create different senses of the same item and I think looking at it from below and upward was quite a different perspective


I loved the color of the rust in this picture, the streaks and the curves look so beautiful

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