the Philadelphia Museum of Art

A while back, I went to Philadelphia on a wonderful Sunday with my boyfriend and his family. We decided to go because it’s actually pay what you want the first Sunday of every month for the Philadelphia Art Museum.

We first stopped by this cute Italian restaurant called Serafina. The streets nearby were so adorable and so cute! (as you can see from the pictures below :))  The food was also very delicious though a bit expensive, in my opinion. I got the Tagliolini Al Salmone with everyone else getting other types of pasta with a shared appetizer of kalamari and Carpaccio di Tonno (fresh tuna and spinach).


aside from the sports bar sign, look at all these cute little bushes in front of this tea shop!

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my salmon pasta that was slightly salty but very filling and delicious!


the streets right outside, lots of people and cars, but such bright buildings!

We then went to the Philadelphia Art museum. We didn’t have that much time there as we ate lunch for too long and got there late, so we quickly started with the modern and contemporary art and barely had time to look but a glimpse at some of the other exhibits. I would definitely recommend going here earlier in the day and taking the time to look through all the exhibits. It’s definitely a worthwhile experience!

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made with plaster, i think 

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metal with holes 

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everything is in pairs! except the sponge

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eggshell chair? 

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fake flowers

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modern art 

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thread pictures


right outside the Philadelphia Art Museum… really beautiful


VSCO Flowers

Sometimes I don’t have the energy to bring out the big camera, which can seem a little large and unnecessary for short trips. One of my favorite ways to edit pictures nowadays is VSCO, which has a nice set of filters to use (my favorite F2) and can be posted on its own media platform as well as saved to your camera roll. Below are some of the pictures I took and edited with VSCO. Almost all of them were taken while I was on my way to church, just showing how convenient and easy it is to take nice pictures. My VSCO is, if you would like to take a look at more pretty pictures 🙂

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at Terrain in the dark, which is why it look so surreal

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at UD, close up of pink hydrangeas

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at church, such a pretty orange!

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also at church 

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close up of giant white flower, so delicate

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a bunch of flowers all together

Gardens at Random

Whoop whoop. I am back with a new set of photographs. I sort of ran out of flowers in my neighborhood (though it’s been a while since I’ve been looking for them, so I’m sure new ones will have bloomed/I will take pics if I can), so I have just been taking pictures of anything that pleases me aesthetically or stretch my photography skills. I’m still not super good at taking pictures of things that are not close up, so I’ll have to post pictures of those later… but for now, gardens and randomness!

IMG_0742 copy.jpg

our neighbor’s fence 

IMG_0767 copy.jpg

the prettiest skies, but not quite sunset 


inside a hole of our garden bush 

IMG_0723 copy.jpg

the last of the roses 

IMG_0768 copy.jpg

the moon so tiny so pretty

IMG_0737 copy.jpg

green onions, I believe


Wait for the Lord

FullSizeRender 9.jpg

I was asked to do this commission for a group of girls in my fellowship for when they went on an overnight stay-retreat. It’s taken from a website called Naptime Diaries that does a lot with Bible verses and pretty posters 🙂 This was my first attempt, clearly, as it looks pretty rough and also unfinished as I didn’t completely outline all that I needed to. Technically speaking, I need to work on the lettering for everything that isn’t in cursive and also take note that you cannot simply watercolor on regular cardstock. 😛 I will also probably redo this and maybe do an update on it and see the progress I have made, which I think would be quite cool!

This verse to be honest did not strike me at first. Especially in recent times, with such tragedy all around us in the news and everywhere, I took it to mean something almost of a complacency with the world around us. But I don’t think that’s what it means. Now, it reminds me of the title of this blog, Still and Know, which for those that don’t know, is a reference to the Bible verse, “be still and know that I am God” Psalm 46:10.

Wait for the Lord because He will come to conquer all in the end, wait for him, be quiet and listen for him, because He is there. He is present, He will always provide. But more than that BE STRONG AND TAKE HEART. Have confidence in Him and what He can do. And be strong. Be courageous. Be all that you believe is right in the world, wait for the Lord, but also be in the world and do good onto it with belief in Him .

More flowers and plants

Some of the leftover pictures from my last walk around my neighborhood as well as some added pictures recently. I edited these using Photoshop, mostly using gamma correction, offset, brightness, and contrast. It really makes a difference in pictures – adjusting the color and the lighting just so that you can transform and enhance your picture into the best that it can be. 🙂

IMG_0549 copy.jpgIMG_0564.jpgIMG_0522 copy.jpgIMG_0517 copy


Photography Explorations

I used a Canon T2i for the following shots. I focused on several things such as space, color, light, blur, and practicing adjusting aperture, ISO, shutter speed, etc. to create certain effects. Continuously, practice makes perfect and through really focusing on photography, I’ve learned so much!


Right before blowing out the candles on a birthday cake, everything dark except for this and that moment


My room, making the shutter speed very low and shaking quite violently to create this distortion


A random shot, trying to capture the green, the brown, and the dark and light of the walls. Not sure if any certain artistic effect was achieved, but I kind of quite like this shot.


The so-called bokeh effect created through manual focusing of the lens – didn’t work too well as only a couple street lamps and a garage lamp were on, but I thought it was a reflective color of the skies above


Taken in Philadelphia, I loved shooting at different angles to create different senses of the same item and I think looking at it from below and upward was quite a different perspective


I loved the color of the rust in this picture, the streaks and the curves look so beautiful

“Types” of fun (II)

For those who don’t know, I am doing a series on different forms of type – whether handmade or made on the computer that I find really beautiful and well-designed that I stumble upon in my daily life. I realize that it would probably be very easy to find stuff on the Internet and post it, but I thought this would be more fun for myself to look for and find and share 🙂 Some of these are so much more prettier in person, but nevertheless here they are!

FullSizeRender 9

Taken from the Yale Lit Spring ’16 which my suite mate was featured in, but decided not to use her exact piece out of respect for her privacy 🙂

FullSizeRender 10

Google’s recruiting pamphlet during CS50 celebrations

FullSizeRender 8

Another one of City Church’s designs that is used as a coupon to Elm City Social for lunch after every Sunday church

FullSizeRender 7

Again, City Church design for Christmas 2015 focusing on creating this illusion of snow in this beautifully themed piece

FullSizeRender 6 copy

Another one of my suitemate’s work for her graphic design class – it hangs on my room and also in the laundry room of our dorm

FullSizeRender 5

I thought this cover looked nice for something that was pretty dense and not too colorful on the inside – ha!

Delaware Flowers

The other day, I took out my camera while out on a walk with my mother to take some pictures. I apologize if some of the pictures are sort of blurry and weirdly focused but I am still working on changing aperture (my weakest point)! My favorite picture is probably the one of the Veitch’s Blue (not sure if that’s actually it’s name – there are too many flowers with spiky lavender tops to be sure), but all of them are lovely and beautiful flowers offered in my wonderful state and neighborhood. Will probably show more later 😛 x

IMG_0578 copy


IMG_0590 copy

Veitch’s Blue (also unsure)

IMG_0592 copy

Sweet Elyssum? (Not sure)

IMG_0509 copy


IMG_0566 copy


IMG_0569 copy


“Types” of fun (I)

A series on some of the really nice graphic design/hand lettering work that I stumble upon in my daily life, I have a lot of these hanging on my wall for inspiration

FullSizeRender 2 copy

City Church gave these out around Christmas, I believe, in order to encourage people to really branch out and believe in the spreading of churches across the New England area


The Yale Literary Magazine always does something funky every year. I believe they also try to incorporate the letters of the alphabet into the magazine, so I”m assuming that these abstract pieces can be manipulated into letters.


A sophomore in Yale Students for Christ designed this beautiful little invitation for a women’s celebration event that the men of YSC helped put together.

FullSizeRender 4 copy.jpg

This is for a bi-semester Yale literature magazine Kalliope that had a really nice cover.


The Asian American Cultural Center had their annual cultural showcase. This was the poster designed for advertisement – it’s really very beautiful.

FullSizeRender 3.jpg

City Church gave these out for their new sermon series on the “unparalleled accomplishments of the Son of God” – really a beautiful series, I might add

Yale Architecture


– Sterling Memorial Library 2nd floor – one of the first places that I explored at Yale, Sterling has so many strange and unique places to visit even simply just its dimly lit hallways in perfect synchrony


– Yale Forestry School – I went to visit this place just recently because I heard it was lovely … and yes, it is incredibly beautiful! And everything was so filled with light and wood, it just fit the exact presence of a forestry school.


– Battell Chapel – This is obviously not the best picture of Battell Chapel, but I thought it was interesting that the icy branches seemed to fit the patterns of the spires on the top of the building. I often take this one for granted as I live right next to it.


– Tunnel underneath Hillhouse Ave –  I also recently discovered this one when my TA led me to her office from one building to this one, traveling under a total of THREE buildings. I love the creepy industrial secretive feel of this tunnel and also how beneficial it will be the next time it rains 🙂 


– Alley on Church St – Someone pointed this out to me at the very beginning of this year. It’s really crazy how if you didn’t stop to really take a look, you would probably miss it. Still unsure who did it or whether it was the work of some really amazing street graffiti artist that all three of these buildings decided to keep