30 days of thanks

Happy Thanksgiving

I’ve already done 30 Days of Thanks, so this feels almost kind of cliche to say again, so I’ll keep it brief.

Thank you Jesus for my life. This life, one out of a million, with the most wondrous parents and the most loving brother. For understanding and intelligence, for hard work and determination, for laughs and good times. Thank you thank you thank you

This little lady living in Delaware could not be more content right in this moment, silent in thought, full on food.


30 Days of Thanks – Day 30

Holy poopsicle

This is my last freaking day.

Holy guacamole.

I can’t believe it.

Looking wholeheartedly back on this challenge, I am so thankful for MY LIFE. In all of it’s totalities.

I am so blessed with beautiful and wondrous friends and family.

They are my supporters and my encouragers, my companions and my lovers.

I realize that my life is fully set because of the relationships that I have. It is not so much about the physical things that I have, but all about the relationships.

I thank God most of all. He has blessed me with great things.

30 Days of Thanks – Day 27

A constant reminder to never forget your blessings.

So today I give thanks to this challenge – because it truly has been a challenge trying to come up with thirty things to be thankful for.

Now, I realize though, as almost a month has passed, that this has been a wonderful way for me to truly appreciate everything around me and how much God plays a part in it.

Thanks to every one of you who stumbles upon this as well 🙂 Thank you for reading my mindless gibberish when you could be doing other things!

30 Days of Thanks – Day 25



I’m seriously stressed about a lot of college app stuff…

but I know, in the end, I have so many people that support me. I have a God who loves me no matter what.

I have cute babies to cuddle at the Ministry of Caring.

What more could you want in life?

World peace… but you can’t have everything huh

30 Days of Thanks – Day 23

Sometimes I just like to dwell on the topic of popularity and how much I’m influenced by it and how much everybody in society is influenced by it. Very recently, my friend accidentally left my name off of an invite list for homecoming, so I was very confused when people asked me if I was going to that person’s house. Instead, I spent needless amount of time worrying about if I had done something to offend her or if she purposely did not want me at her house, etc. etc.

Now flash forward to now, literally two days later, and she sent all the emails to me because she forgot to add my name. People started offering me rides. I got invited to a different person’s pre-homecoming event as well…

And I realize… how superficial I’ve become. I feel guilty because now I look back on this situation and I thank God for always providing for me and making everything work out in the end.

But I also realize that if you are a good person and you treat other people well, good things will happen to you. I should be happy with the people that I have in my life right now because they are everything to me and not worry about such things as popularity.