the Philadelphia Museum of Art

A while back, I went to Philadelphia on a wonderful Sunday with my boyfriend and his family. We decided to go because it’s actually pay what you want the first Sunday of every month for the Philadelphia Art Museum.

We first stopped by this cute Italian restaurant called Serafina. The streets nearby were so adorable and so cute! (as you can see from the pictures below :))  The food was also very delicious though a bit expensive, in my opinion. I got the Tagliolini Al Salmone with everyone else getting other types of pasta with a shared appetizer of kalamari and Carpaccio di Tonno (fresh tuna and spinach).


aside from the sports bar sign, look at all these cute little bushes in front of this tea shop!

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my salmon pasta that was slightly salty but very filling and delicious!


the streets right outside, lots of people and cars, but such bright buildings!

We then went to the Philadelphia Art museum. We didn’t have that much time there as we ate lunch for too long and got there late, so we quickly started with the modern and contemporary art and barely had time to look but a glimpse at some of the other exhibits. I would definitely recommend going here earlier in the day and taking the time to look through all the exhibits. It’s definitely a worthwhile experience!

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made with plaster, i think 

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metal with holes 

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everything is in pairs! except the sponge

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eggshell chair? 

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fake flowers

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modern art 

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thread pictures


right outside the Philadelphia Art Museum… really beautiful


Hiking: White Clay Creek Park

A couple of weeks back, me and my boyfriend decided to go on a hike in White Clay Creek State Park, which is a park very close to my house. Although Delaware does not really have a lot of truly majestic nature monuments like grand rivers or canyons or cliffs you can climb, it was still a nice two to three hour walk through the beautiful forest, looking at wildlife, and taking pictures of the river. There are so many different trails to go on and each take you through different areas of Delaware, all approximately two to three miles long round trip. Many people also take the time to bike on the trails or run on them because they are all relatively flat and easy to walk through… A couple of pictures below! 🙂

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plain forest

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some very photogenic bark (also got featured on VSCO, which is pretty exciting)

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felt like this scene looked straight out of a fairytale!

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so pretty, like lace

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next to a small creek


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stumbling onto a nice field of tall grass


Monday Musings 7.18.16

Hi hi hi sorry sorry sorry what’s up what’s up what’s up?!!

Goodness, I took a 2 week break from posting and it feels so weird coming back and pretending like nothing has happened. But many things have happened. And I have been thinking quite a lot about this blog. Thus, I thought why not combine this and make Mondays a scheduled time for me to talk about random things going on in my life? This would be sort of like weekly favorites, but also including random happenings or pretty pictures that I took during the week. And yes, I suppose Monday Musings does not fit super well but the alliteration! Gosh the alliteration, I’ll deal with the slight misnomer 😉

Anyways, to the juice…

Reading …

the sacred search – gary thomas

all about marriage and dating from a Christian perspective

crazy love – francis chan

what does it mean to be loved by God?

I’m reading the first one with a little accountability group. It’s cute and fun and I have never done something like this before, especially with girls in three different time zones, which is wild. I’m reading Crazy Love by myself and journaling. It’s been highly recommended and a huge Christian bestseller so I have huge expectations for it and am excited to get through it all. What’s interesting about these two books are that they were both gifted to me by two women that I admire so much in the Christian community. And especially Crazy Love, I had just been thinking about how much I wanted the book and that same day, she said that she wanted to give it away because she and her husband had finished reading it. Nuts right?

Enjoying …

homemade macarons from a graduation party!


walks and flowers at the university of delaware


ice cream and all its processes (Woodside Farm and Udairy Creamery  are the best!)

(LOL only managed to get some cows but no ice cream) IMG_5142.JPG


finding dory , central intelligence, legend of tarzan, alice through the looking glass

I have been watching so many movies this summer. Such a great way to hang out. Got to say, I think I liked Finding Dory and Legend of Tarzan the most. Finding Dory because I felt like the movie was just supposed to be liked. Obviously, it was super well known because of Finding Nemo, but they really brought out the acceptance of disabilities aspect and also the humor factor so much in this one that I really loved it. I also enjoyed Legend of Tarzan, but that may just have been because I think Margot Robbie is a beautiful woman and Alexander Skarsgard a handsome man.

Random pics that I love …

At the Container Store that just opened at Christiana Mall in DE


and flowers always 🙂


Have a good rest of the week 🙂 ❤




Reflections on the past year

I haven’t made a post yet about my reflections on freshmen year – this is mostly out of laziness and trying to think as little as possible. Also, the fact that I have to cover the entire year in ONE blog post. Anyway, here is my attempt, more than a full month after school has been let out, to make some sort of coherent statement about how I felt, how I changed, blah blah blah ha ha ha

Freshmen year was really cool in the sense that I got to experience and participate in things that I had never done before *cue random list below*

  • reading through all of Jane Austen’s works
    • for your information, Pride and Prejudice, Emma, and Persuasion are my favorite (in that order 😉
  • Learning how to use Indesign and Illustrator
  • Binding my first book in a bookbinding workshop
  • Learning how to weld metal
  • Get set up at a dance for the first time
  • Volunteer at my first Hackathon
  • Study in amazing places

Aside from the cool experiences, I got to meet and become friends with so many incredible people at Yale – really awe-inspiring, crazy talented people. I made quite a few friends, but in this front, I am still dissatisfied. I feel that there are so many people that I have not yet meet and also a lot of people that I want to know better. I expected to be able to find that one person that I would hang out with the most , that would become my closest friend in college, but I have been unsuccessful in this front. Many of the friends that I have become friends with often have friends that they are closer to and it means lots of third-wheeling. I’ve been trying to improve myself and place myself into situations where I can really get to know more people … anyways, I am very excited for next year.


This excitement carries over for my extracurriculars! I’m happy with the extracurriculars that I did this year, although for most of it, I spent it thinking that I didn’t do enough. My suite mates and other friends were typically involved in extremely time-consuming activities – sports, dance, improv, etc. but I had a bunch of small things. AIESEC, consulting, VITA. Looking back, I think I actually did do quite a lot and am happy with the friendships that I have made through it. I’m hoping next year that I can dive more deeply into these activities and also get into research, more volunteering, and maybe another job or something.

In terms of my spiritual life, I also struggled. The fellowships at Yale are small and not super strong. I also got somewhat caught between two fellowships, YFA and YSC, and making the change from one to another proved to be harder than I thought as I grew attached to the people that I met. Hopefully, I have made the right decision, but being able to have people like Julie and Hong to keep me accountable through weekly dinners is still very nice. I have been making attempts to learn more and understand more of Christianity and while intimidating and at times unsuccessful, I am continuing this process over the summer.


Some lessons that I have learned and some things I would like to improve on

  1. Be independent, know what you want and don’t be afraid to say no or yes to things – don’t fall to peer pressure!
  2. try out more things, say yes to hanging out with people
  3. create events yourself
  4. always think of others, small gestures of kindness are so important
  5. stick to a routine – exercise regularly – read Bible regularly – eat regularly
  6. love more than you hate
  7. work as hard as possible and look for opportunities
  8. don’t forget to call mother 🙂 and drink lots of water!
FullSizeRender 3.jpg

Heh these are just a couple of things that have been floating through my mind lately in the last month or so as I reflect. It’s not all encompassing and definitely doesn’t capture the amazingness of Yale, but I think it does capture most of the thoughts that I have had and the major points, lowered expectations but high hopes! I am looking quite forward to all the exciting things that will happen in the years to come and will try my best to make it the best years of my life 🙂 I will probably update this and add to it if anything else comes up in my mind, but for those of you that read this far… thanks so much for making it all the way haha ❤


Rock Climbing

I went rock climbing a couple weeks back with the boyfriend. We went to Delaware Rock Gym and it was my first time attempting it. We did bouldering, which doesn’t require the harness/pulleys, and is pretty low to the ground. The difficulties are ranked from VE to V10, accelerating very quickly from very basic straight up and down pathways to upside down, tiny foothold pathways in a matter of two or three levels. I had an incredible time, even though I didn’t even manage to get past VE (LOL), and once I recover from this trip and build up my arm strength, I will be going back 🙂 A couple pictures below from the time!

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Me essentially resting and putting as little weight on my hands as possible!

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Almost to the top, but dying

If rock climbing is something you’re interested in researching, I would definitely suggest checking out Ashima Siraishi, one of the youngest professional rock climbers of all time and also one of the greatest at the tender age of 14!

Winter Break: New York

The day before Christmas Eve, my family decided to take a quick day trip to New York. I am from Delaware, so we woke up pretty early and it only took us around 2 hours to make it to New York.

For the most part, we visited the usual New York sights, Rockefeller Center, the famous ice rink, the Christmas tree, Times Square, the M&M store, etc. Then, at the end, we went to see Wicked on Broadway. We sat in the very last row (ahahah), literally the last row on the third floor, but it was still absolutely amazing. 10/10 would recommend if you ever go to NY 🙂

FullSizeRender 37

the trees near Rockefeller center

FullSizeRender 34

beautiful building lights


just New York

FullSizeRender 42




FullSizeRender 46

quick food


the church


Ice Skating


far away Wicked experience


the NY Christmas Tree


M&M Store


Times Square



Food Adventures in China

One of my favorite things about going back to China is FOOD. Here in the U.S., you’re pretty limited by the hamburgers, fries, and the occasional freedom of different assortments of pizza. China, however, has had NO qualms about experimenting with the sketchy and the dangerous. As a result, they have very much a hit-and-miss sort of relationship with food, which in my case is always a hit 😉

I took these pictures of random meals that we had – when my uncle took us out to eat, the final dinner in China, a large lunch on the mountain, etc. Obviously, it’s just a sample, but I would say a good representative of my three week food adventure.


I believe that this above picture was taken when my uncle took us out to eat. The main bowl in the middle is some kind of shrimp stew (absolutely delicious) and the one on top is rice cakes covered in tomato sauce, which is definitely a new yet equally delicious combination.


On my last dinner in China, I believe we had these tiny shrimp stir-fried with green peppers and other vegetables and tofu.


My fave – LYCHEE ❤


The famous and delicious “tanchupaigu” (sugar vinegar pork) They look absolutely divine do they not?


A casual pic before our meal 🙂 We all look pretty excited clearly.


Lunch on a mountain! We drove up to a mountain where villagers have a small restaurant that’s notoriously good. Almost all of the food is made out of organic ingredients – the chicken they raised themselves, the yams they grew, the eggs, etc. Also, if you notice the foil covered items, one of the ways they cooked the food was wrapping everything in foil and sticking it in a hole with dirt and covering it up with really hot bricks (or something like that), and then the food cooks just like that. It apparently gives it a very earthy rich tone to the food. I am afraid not a food critic extraordinaire, so I could not tell the difference, but overall such an authentic and once-in-a-lifetime experience for sure 🙂


This does not look super promising, but was actually one of my absolute favorite meals I have ever had in China. What it is is warm, soft baked bread in the shape of a box topped with ice cream. The bread inside is cut into squares and cubes, so you add a little ice cream to your bread slice and eat it together for a scrumptious heavenly experience.