The Many Stories Behind Double Eyelid Surgery

I found this story fascinating, albeit somewhat discriminatory/inaccurate, especially because I’m someone who has been exposed to the oh so excitement of the double-eyelid. Not sure my opinion completely yet… probably leaning towards you should be happy with what God gives you, because that’s what people know you by. However, if you do feel insecure about it, then go for it 🙂 My friend actually got it a while back and she looks awesome with it.


Random PINS

I thought I should keep this separate from my weekly faves because let’s be honest, there’s so much to say about each pin, it has to be a separate post! ^_^

1. Whimsical Flowers

I thought this was so beautiful. This lovely juxtaposition of art and intellect mixed together to create this vintage, beautiful piece.

2. Baobab Tree

So beautiful and unique and quirky. It would be amazing to see this plant in real life.

3. Paper Quilled Jewelry

I love paper quilling and have always been obsessed with it. Incorporating it into forms of jewelry is such a cute idea.

4. Bunnies

Just because I appear to be on a cute theme. Kisses.



One of the worst things about girls are that we are so stuck on our imperfections that we are not truly able to appreciate our finer qualities. People have put so much focus on their weight and height, their fashion style, their face… if we did not judge others on their appearance, we would all be so much happier.

I have struggled with accepting my imperfections as well…

I only have one dimple, so this makes my smile kind of crooked.

I don’t have straight teeth, so I’m wearing retainers, invisalign. 

I’m short and I definitely am not the skinniest person in the room.

I could go on and on and on and so could so many other girls…

To all those out there… everyone has their own insecurities. The strongest girl, the tallest, the prettiest, the shortest, the outcast… we always look so much more critically at ourselves than at other people so we must remember that we are all beautiful under God’s eyes. We are loved by family and friends, we are viewed for our actions and our grace, we are above the bullying and the self harm. Please, please, please do not let your appearance define you as a person.

Much love to all those who are struggling. You are above.



Youtube Day FIVEEEEEE: Clothes Encounters

Jenn Im has crazy style – it’s absolutely all over the place, grunge, chic, lace, whatever. She manages to personalize every single one of her outfits and show off the beautiful brain behind the perfect coordinated pieces. Not only does she have amazing style, she manages to articulate with complete intelligence and give off a strange hipster, but super chill vibe. If you’re looking for completely eclectic style inspirations, look to the gorgeous Jenn 🙂

On Appearances

Whew… double post???? say what?! Just because it is relevant.

Appearances matter. We think that because we live in America in the 21st century that somehow, we are going to be able to treat everybody exactly the same. It’s entirely false. 

Everybody has some kind of bias. Whether it be small or big. Deep in our hearts or etched on our faces. We can’t help it. Nothing’s going to change unless we all look the same – which is erm, not the greatest thing either. 

Hobos on the street. We look down upon them. We may sympathize with them. But we treat them as less than human because we generalize that all are drug-dealers and criminals. This is wrong. 

This is why actors are basically all beautiful. They are all handsome and gorgeous in their own way if they act in movies. Nobody wants to root for some ugly person. Some people go simply to see that person because they have that “celebrity crush” on them. It’s true. It’s blunt and it seems so mean in so many ways, but it’s true that deep in our hearts, we have our own biases and fears. 

This is why many of the people who are popular are beautiful as well. Not all of course, but lots. In another take of the situation, there is almost no one who is a loner who is society’s beautiful. It just doesn’t work that way. Beauty draws people in. 

And an aside right here – when I say beautiful – I mean it in the way that people view conventional beauty. Outward beauty. 

And back to point. This article.

Pope Francis is commended for his embrace of a disfigured man covered in boils. These people are not contagious, yet they are often discriminated from.

This is sad. Why cannot we not all love people the same? It is because our eyes deceive us. Our minds are selfish. Our hearts protective and overbearing. We like things that are soft and glittery and sweet. We don’t like things that are difficult to stand and even difficult to look at. 

Sadly, I end this with this conclusion. If we were all blind, we would look with greater thoughtfulness into the character of a person. But we are not. So what do we do? We do like Pope Francis. We embrace those who society looks down upon. But are we even capable of even that? We are society after all………….

White ButtonsAbstract BlueLancome LadyBrilliance

Chanel BeautyYellow MintLancome LadyTrousers

There is something I deeply admire about Emma Watson.

She has absolutely amazing fashion sense, not afraid to go wild with colors, yet entirely capable of keeping it simple and classy. She rocks every single hairstyle and her makeup is always flawless.

A wonderfully breathtaking human being, and in my opinion, my favorite actress.

I promise, this is probably only the first of what is going to be a whole slew of Emma Watson adoring blog posts.