Youtubeyeyeyeyeyeyyeyeyeye Day 3: Bubzvlogz

I love Bubz. Absolutely adore her. Truly, she is one of the few truly genuine people on Youtube. She is not out to get subscribers. She has this amazing love for God that I find really inspiring, and she is always always herself. Whether it’s being absolutely crazy or wonderfully insightful, she just seems like a fantastic person. Her vlogs are very funny, very entertaining, but also help gain an insight into who she is as a person, behind the carefully edited videos of her main channel.


I adore Bubzbeauty so so so much for being such a genuine and true person. She just got married, so I wish her infinite happiness and eternal love with her hubby, Tim!
She just posted this crazily hilarious Wedding Gate Crash video and I have never laughed more.

Cassey Ho! Pilates + blogger = Blogilates! Cassey is such a sweet, bubbly person. She’s really motivated me to work out in fun and interesting ways, leaving me to the point of death in terms of the intensity of her exercises. Another Asian, she is also friends with Bubzbeauty.(Asian people all know each other too!) She is a trained Pilates instructor and she does quite a job with it. She takes the time to make a calendar of workouts for all of her followers, allowing us to follow and try to lose weight and stay healthy. She also has a blog at http://www.blogilates.com, which everybody should also go check out!

I absolutely heart Bubzbeauty. She is one of the numerous beauty gurus out there, but she constantly amazes me not only with her videos, which are always cute and funny and good, but with her entire being.

A devoted Christian, her happiness for life and her ability to poke fun of people displays a genuine person, a genuine role model for me to look up to. She decided to live in Hong Kong rather than pursue life in the U.S. because she did not want the effects that fame may bring in places like L.A. Through that, she was able to focus more on herself and her family (she just got married!) rather than be someone else in the superficial atmosphere that is Hollywood.

I highly recommend her videos to those who just want someone bubbly to listen to, someone to give you advice and girl talk, someone that is real.