YouTube Day 4: Cute Polish

Even though I don’t wear nail polish very often, I always check out Sandy, or Cute Polish’s designs. Her creations are so fascinating and imaginative. Not only that, but she also features other YouTube nail artists, gives application techniques, and tips on nail maintenance. If you’re into nail design or anything nails related at all, you should definitely check her out!


YouTube Day 3: Miniature Space

My suitemate from college showed me this YouTube channel and let me just say that I am thoroughly obsessed.

Essentially, it’s a cooking channel for miniature food. A mysterious person (face unseen) takes out these miniature knives and spoons, gets out his miniature pot, pulls out the matches, and gets cooking on food items approximately 10 times smaller than actually consumable material.

Although not particularly useful for someone who genuinely wants to learn how to make a certain dessert or side dish, it is fascinating how this person accomplishes these tasks on a miniature level – for example, stir frying or making french fries. There is a sense of imaginative exploration, which really draws viewers in.




YouTube Day 2: AndymetSonia

I’m not sure if anyone has heard of them before, but Jayesslee is a YouTube music channel created by twin sisters, Sonia and Janice. They are Korean-Australian Christians! They have received mega success due to their popular covers of songs, but because they both became pregnant and had kids around the same time, they decided to take a break from YouTube.

AndymetSonia is actually Sonia’s vlogging channel. After having her kid (she’s actually pregnant with baby #2!), she decided to more seriously vlog about her life so as to remember some of the important memories of childhood and also appease her horde of fans. I quite like┬áthem because I think they live really exciting,┬ávery faithful lives. Anyways, if you’re interested, check them out!


Youtube Day 4: Cutie Pie Marzia

I love Cutie Pie Marzia. She seems very genuine, which I view as one of the most important things when looking on Youtube. She is there for the viewers, not there to leech off the fans of her massively popular boyfriend Pewdiepie’s channel. She works extremely hard, always posting videos and sharing her ideas and techniques and having fun while at it, even when she’s sick or is on vacation. She is always timely with her posts, which is awesome. She also has a fantastic accent that gives her a very cute voice when she talks in English. Overall, I love her style and her different favorites videos and she’s rising to fame on her own, and I believe it is so well deserved.