Jessica Alba: Cute and Casual

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Favorite Fashion Bloggers (III)

  1. Drea ChongScreen Shot 2016-04-20 at 4.44.58 PM.png

Aside from the fact that Drea is absolutely beautiful, I really love the effort she puts into her work. Unlike some other bloggers out there that just post pictures of themselves that their photographers took of them, she goes through each of her work and edits them and organizes them in ways that are interesting and different. For example, in the picture above, the level of graphic design skill and attention to detail that she possesses is absolutely incredible.

  1. Grace & BeautyScreen Shot 2016-04-20 at 4.45.39 PM.png

One of the reasons why I follow Cyndi Spivey’s blog despite the fact that I am not over forty years old is that I really enjoy her humble and genuine spirit in addition to her fashion sense. A fellow Christian, I really love her Sunday musings and the way she weaves in conversations about her faith in the blogosphere as well as in creating her own personal fashion style.

  1. Gary Pepper GirlScreen Shot 2016-04-20 at 4.46.15 PM.png

Pretty sure if I met Nicole Warne in real life, I would probably be straight up intimidated. This woman is a powerhouse businesswoman and the professional quality of her blog is so incredible, its probably unattainable for us normal users 😥 I love the way she styles herself and chooses not to wear just anything, but really unique pieces of high quality. She opens the doors to a whole new set of unexplored designers for us to look at but perhaps not buy from.


Jess Alba and Pants

Maroon PANTS Dots Green  Arrows

Guess who hasn’t done a style post in years??? :DDDDDDDDDD

I absolutely adore Jessica Alba’s dress style. It’s cute, comfy, casual… and definitely something I would wear on a regular basis. And the focus point… PANTS. As you can see, she loves to wear printed harem pants, of all different types. She’s got squares and stars and dots and floral maroon. Harem pants, I can definitely attest to this, are some of the comfiest pants in the world and they look so good when paired with a simple monochromatic top – as shown in all of her looks above. Finish off with any types of shoes… boots or sandals or flats, and you can look dressed up – as in look 3 with the blazer, spunky and rocker chic – with a vest and crop top in look 2, and simply girl next door – as shown in look 1 with a fedora hat.


Youtube Day FIVEEEEEE: Clothes Encounters

Jenn Im has crazy style – it’s absolutely all over the place, grunge, chic, lace, whatever. She manages to personalize every single one of her outfits and show off the beautiful brain behind the perfect coordinated pieces. Not only does she have amazing style, she manages to articulate with complete intelligence and give off a strange hipster, but super chill vibe. If you’re looking for completely eclectic style inspirations, look to the gorgeous Jenn 🙂

Holland Roden Style 3


Again, back with another Holland Roden style lookbook?!

Look number 1:
This one is a classic little black dress kind of look. Simple, blue pumps bring a pop of color to an otherwise neutral look.

Look number 2:
I’m digging the nautical stripes and little flower design duo. The dress seems to mimic a crop top and skirt combo, but isn’t … mindblowing!!!! The shoes, as well, look fantastically intricate.

Look number 3: This is one of my favorite looks. I love her bright lipstick that matches the glaring orange of her skirt. The colors as well are startling and popping, but the white shirt and nude pumps helps tone down the outfit.