Hand Lettering (I)

Hand lettering is one of my hobbies, though I am not particularly great at it. It’s a work in progress though 🙂

I made these couple of works for my parents on their birthdays – done in Micron black ink 01 and 03.






Random PINS

And yet another segment of random pins on Pinterest. I haven’t been going on Pinterest lately – mainly only when I’m bored – but I still have a couple more random posts that I still really like and want to share with you all!

1. Decorated bottles

I think this is just simply really beautiful. I love the look of the clear glasses and the white flower designs on it. I also think that it is something that you could easily do yourself – just purchase glass bottles and white paint and just do your own thing and any way you do it, it would probably turn out amazing. Also, it probably has tons of uses – putting plants, flowers, etc. or just plain using them for decoration. I’m definitely adding this to my to-do list!

2. Design

I love this image. And I think that’s why I’m so obsessed with design – the way they manage to smoothly incorporate such powerful ideas through just a simple manipulation – that’s art at it’s finest. I thought this one was particularly interesting for a telling message about obesity in America and the current issue about the guidelines towards purchasing soda drinks.

3. Hanger?

This is such a clever idea – use hangers to hang up your magazines rather than your clothes. This is such an industrial design maneuver… it’s fantastic. I think it would definitely make reading and organizing magazines more easier – I just need to actually have some magazines at my house to actually do this haha

Random Pins

1. DIY Ornament

I am so obsessed with this idea. I have not quite figured it out yet though… what string to use? And how do you get it so curly? Do you use the glue first and then string?!?!?!?! Must research more because it looks BEAUTIFUL.

2. Paper Cutting

No stranger to paper cutting, this is such a beautiful way of art. However, it is incredibly complicated and this one example is not an easy task.

3. Coffee Shop

Kind of obsessed with this coffee shop. The gloomy but cozy feel, the dark, the interior, what a way to ponder thoughts and musings. Beautiful, so cute, and quaint. Can totally imagine myself here.