Golden Globes Lupita Nyong’o


After seeing so many dresses at the Golden Globes, beautiful dresses don’t catch my eye at times simply because everybody has on a beautiful dress!

But this? This is shock factor wow gorgeous omg coolio goodness

Her skin tone complements the red perfectly. Her makeup, flawless. The sleek line of the dress and the grand cape behind it all give it an interesting, modern feel. 

This was the best look of the night by far.  


Emma Watson

White ButtonsAbstract BlueLancome LadyBrilliance

Chanel BeautyYellow MintLancome LadyTrousers

There is something I deeply admire about Emma Watson.

She has absolutely amazing fashion sense, not afraid to go wild with colors, yet entirely capable of keeping it simple and classy. She rocks every single hairstyle and her makeup is always flawless.

A wonderfully breathtaking human being, and in my opinion, my favorite actress.

I promise, this is probably only the first of what is going to be a whole slew of Emma Watson adoring blog posts.