Emma Watson

Emma Watson: Quirky Outfits

When I was younger, I used to be so confused as to why celebrities chose to dress the way they did on the red carpet. However, I realize, now that I am older, that it’s probably because they go to so many events, so many different shows that they are probably tired of just wearing what’s considered traditionally pretty or beautiful. They want to experiment and see if what they pull off can actually be worn or not.

I personally think Emma Watson does a wonderful job of this. Her outfit choices are somewhat unusual, but definitely not extreme (as some others), meaning that I can totally see some of these outfits transitioning into more standard wear on the red carpet. Emma.jpg

  1. 2012 Haute Couture, Dior with Tiffany & Co. key pendant and Boucheron diamond studs
    1. This outfit is reminiscent of the one that I put up of Kiernan Shipka, but I do believe Emma was earlier! 🙂 This outfit works because it is put together well, everything is sleek and fitted, in a perfect monochrome black. Thus, it looks elegant rather than weird.
  2. 2014 Elle Style Awards London, Giambattista Valli Haute Couture dress
    1. I believe the bottom part of the outfit is actually a gigantic bow, which I think is absolutely so creative. It transforms such a girly item into the silhouette of a dress itself.
  3. 2014 Haute Couture Paris, Dior head-to-toe
    1. This outfit is probably the most “normal” of the five. However, I still think there must be something said about the asymmetry – although it looks odd, I actually think it makes it look unique.I love the incorporation of typical style fads of the day such as see through tulle and the high-low structure, while also be quirky and original in its own way.
  4. 2015 Time 100 Gala, wearing Dior top, jean and skirt with Repossi and Eva Fehren jewelry
    1. I think women should wear pants more for dressy occasions! I enjoy the odd little cape of gray material at Emma’s waist because it adds to the dressy flair despite being a pair of pants.
  5. 2013 GQ Men of the Year Awards, Balenciaga top and pants
    1. This one was pretty odd, to be sure, but again, I love the fact that she wore pants. The crop top and cape part of the top definitely adds a flair to the outfit, making it both edgy and proud.



On My Love for Emma Watson

Who doesn’t love Emma Watson… that’s the real question.

Look at her.

Just look.

But okay, I suppose that starts my first point.

The girl is absolutely gorgeous.

Number 2!

She’s smart and she values education. It’s so hard to see other celebrities who are successful where they are, yet still prize education and schooling. Emma has enough money to last her through her entire life, yet she does even more by going to Brown University and graduating, on top of filming a bazillion movies. Obviously, she’s not the only one and you can hear about Dylan and Cole Sprouse and their studies at NYU or Chloe Bridges at Columbia… but let’s be real, she’s definitely under the spotlight the most.

(sidenote* many apologies for the random sizes of these pictures, I have no idea how to change it :P)

Number 3!

She’s such a feminist and it’s amazing. She’s amazing. :3 She isn’t just an actress or a student, she’s also a social activist. Her speech for HeForShe in support of women’s rights is straight up amazing. She is a true model to look up to, who uses her fame for something other than more luxury for herself.


Number 4

She’s respectful. There aren’t any of her naked pictures up on the Internet…(not that it was the fault of Jennifer Lawrence and the others) she dresses appropriately, casually, rather than trying to bring more attention to herself. I find this so attractive. It’s so easy to compare her and put her above the likes of Miley Cyrus or Rihanna.

Number 5

She’s also a successful movie star. I suppose you can’t help but mention this fact because how else did she become famous. I love Harry Potter, so that’s a bonus, but she has also starred in the most successful movies compared to her fellow castmates from Harry Potter such as The Bling Ring and Noah.

Number 6

Dat fashion sense doe… hot hot hot… Girl can work it if she wants to.

I feel like this covers most of it… let me know if you think there’s something missing that I should mention! Love for Emma Watson needs to be shared 🙂

Golden Globes Emma Watson



Let’s talk about how perfect this is. 

I love the front and how it looks ridiculously beautiful. The vibrant color and the subtle hair and makeup complement each other wonderfully. 

On the other side, it shows a touch of sexy with the open back. The trousers give this Golden Globes outfit such edge.

Functioning and gorgeous. 


Hunger Games vs. Harry Potter

Everybody thought that Hunger Games was the next Harry Potter… and in a way, it was. They made movies. The casting was a huge deal. People cried and screamed whenever the next book came out. Suzanne Collins was revered in readers’ eyes as the next J.K. Rowling. The next billionaire. Jennifer Lawrence and Emma Watson were scrutinized and their acting skills questioned.

And as soon as the comparisons start, the question of which one is better came up over and over again. While many appraise them as equals, I personally believe that there is no comparison.


Now. I’m not biased. Honestly.

I read Harry Potter and I read Hunger Games. I absolutely loved them both. Because they came on kind of separately, I was able to read them each separately and count down the days for the next book separately. I have all 7 books of Harry Potter and okay, only two out of three of the books of Hunger Games.

But coming from a reader and coming from a literary critic point of view, (which I’m not qualified technically for saying … ) there are several reasons I believe Harry Potter to be the better series. I’ve decided to do (probably) a series of posts for each reason why I think Harry Potter is better – in the most respectful way, I promise.

And this post is getting too long, so I’ll do it tomorrow or some other time haha.




White ButtonsAbstract BlueLancome LadyBrilliance

Chanel BeautyYellow MintLancome LadyTrousers

There is something I deeply admire about Emma Watson.

She has absolutely amazing fashion sense, not afraid to go wild with colors, yet entirely capable of keeping it simple and classy. She rocks every single hairstyle and her makeup is always flawless.

A wonderfully breathtaking human being, and in my opinion, my favorite actress.

I promise, this is probably only the first of what is going to be a whole slew of Emma Watson adoring blog posts.