Hayao Miyazaki: Spirited Away

I just watched Spirited Away yesterday… and now I am completely obsessed with Hayao Miyazaki and all of his other works. But first… Spirited Away.

What a fantastical movie. The wonderful and seamless animation, the craziness of the actual plot, the whatever-the-thing No Face is?!?!?!?!? say whattttttt

even then… somehow the movie leaves you with such a happy, content feeling inside

I suggest everybody watch it.

There isn’t really a trailer, so I’ll go into general plot details?

There’s this little girl called Chihiro who has just moved to a new town. Her parents decide to stop by this abandoned area to explore, but unfortunately, they eat the “spirited” food and are captured and turned into pigs. It is Chihiro’s job to save them. On the way, she meets many people who help her – Master Haku, Grammy, No Face, etc. To find out more …. go see the movie 😀


Weekly Faves 3

1. Spanish music

I am obsessed with this song and Spanish music in general. So catchy.

2. Legend of Korra

Literally. So. Much. Hype.

3. These Summit Pictures

Commissioned Photography 2014 Student Leader Summit - 071414 -

Probably one of my favorite pictures ever 🙂 Such a great experience. #bofastudentleaders


The Fault in Our Stars

My favorite song from the soundtrack ❤ ❤
I went to see the movie the other day. It was wonderful. I absolutely love Shailene Woodley’s voice and although her face wasn’t exactly how I pictured Hazel, her voice entirely captured the essence of her character. Ansel Elgort was so dreamy too. He also deviated from my image of Augustus, but he played it like perfection – basically everybody did! The one thing I was disappointed that they didn’t put in the movie was Augustus’ first girlfriend, Caroline Mathers. I was interested to see who they would cast for that role. Although I can see why they didn’t put it in the movie, I thought it was necessary because it reflected that Augustus wasn’t the dream, ideal lover that everybody thought he was, that Hazel and him were perfectly in love, etc. etc. Other than that, I loved the movie, the soundtrack, and especially this song.

Maze Runner By: James Dashner

Awesome series. Basically, it’s about a group of boys who are placed in a maze and are essentially the objects of an experiment set in the dystopian future. When Thomas comes into the maze, followed quickly by Teresa, there begins to be changes signaling the end of their experiment. They must figure out how to solve the maze and come out alive.

I really enjoyed the concepts and the ideas. There will be a movie, also!

Review of Catching Fire (film)

So I went to see Catching Fire yesterday… and it was actually, honestly, a very good representation of the book!


Jena Malone and Sam Caflin nailed their parts. I was hesitant about associating Sam with Finnick, but he pulled it off amazingly, capturing the anguish that all the victors shared towards the Games and still playing the lightheartedness and flirty Finnick that readers have fallen in love with. Jena was astonishing as well. Perhaps it was the way her voice sounds, but she could speak emotions with her voice and her appearance and the jaunty eyebrows gave her a ruthless and dark look to her.

Obviously, they cut out some parts. The bread parachute from District 4, the real reason for Gale’s whipping. But those are small things! And nothing like what was missed in the first Hunger Games, which was sort of a letdown. The only thing I wished they did better was the addition of the two girls from District 13, who introduced them to it. Instead, the movie just blurted out that District 13 existed at the very end of the play, without giving any background. Other than that, I am completely satisfied.

Also, I enjoyed many of the shot perspectives. The hanging of Plutarch Heavensbee as imagined by Katniss was much more creepy than I personally assumed it was. The reactions of Katniss and Peeta towards finding out about the Quarter Quell. Even Effie, trying to hold back her tears, as she said goodbye was a heart wrenching moment.

The movie left me feeling exhausted, but in a good way. Not sure if I’d watch it again, but simply amazing by itself. Truly, it does the book justice… almost. 🙂

Also, shout out to Josh Hutcherson, who plays Peeta to perfection always. And a gracious salute towards the ever-wonderful Jennifer Lawrence.