Kairos Retreat

It’s been a week since Kairos retreat. And the Kai-high has gone away and the people that I grew close to have slowly started to fade from my mind… but I can still sense it. The happiness in the air. The genuine truth and desire. The fragile breaking of hearts. The gentle opening of vulnerability.

What an amazing retreat.

Shout out to my loves Peyton, Justine, Nick, Payas, Maddie, and Gerber heh because it was through them, I was able to talk about things I’ve never actually talked about to anyone. And it felt like a pressure had lifted – and pretty relevant I suppose since it’s Easter time and Good Friday for me to confess all of my insecurities, my sins, in front of these people – the football guy, the stuco pres, the computer guy, the volleyball champ, and my friend – and just let it all go. We talked until 3 in the morning and then we went over to another room so we could hang out some more and there we were, I remember …

lying on Peyton’s bed, hearing Mike talk, gathered around each of us, nerds and friends and cool kids and unpopular kids and soccer buddies and all these people in my school, brought together by the magic of Kairos.

Kairos, built on the relationships between us and the people we love, in order to show us how much God loves us

Kairos, where I can listen and learn and hear of all these stories of so many people, and just be blown away by the things people have to handle, let me never forget Madame Thiel and Niko’s story, because all they do is remind me of the beautiful lucky life I live

Kairos, a place to grow together in God, and to grow together through friendship and love

Kairos, a special time where we can all be who we truly want to be, where we find out the truths of all those around us, and to find ourselves in an intimacy as never before

Kairos, where through Letter Night, may we cry our souls out and be blown away by the love of our friends and family and just sit there trembling with the flood of tears at the edge of our eyes and the hush as we unroll hundreds, thousands of letters of love


Cry the first

Doubt the second

Trust the third

Live the fourth

May I always try to live the fourth, to be the person that I always wanted to be, and to become closer to more people and reach out and let others know that I care. I genuinely care. Each of you.


30 Days of Thanks – Day 3

Hehe Kristi… I’m going to share on here because I’m too private of a person to post on Facebook lolz

I am thankful for all of my frands 🙂

Some of my friends have stuck by me day after day for so many years of my life, back when I was young and prepubescent. They have embraced me without question and are some of the people that I feel so so so comfortable with. You need those type of people in your life. Last week, I think, I skyped one of my friends who lives in China and we talked on the phone for maybe 2 hours… and it’s crazy how even though distance can separate us physically, they can’t separate us in the heart ❤ I am so thankful and so blessed by all the people that I have had the pleasure of meeting

Being Asian


This Onion post pretty much described the entire Asian social life in one paragraph. As true as can be, this is me. I go to a private Catholic school in upper Delaware. The majority of the students are rich, white, and Catholic. I am not Catholic, solidly middle class, and pretty Asian. This results in this separation of groups that is clearly exaggerated in this article. Most of my friends at my school are white – this being because there are only white people there. I hang out with my school friends all during the school year, whether that’s going to the movies or out to dinner or just hanging out at somebody’s house for a sleepover. At the same time, I have a tight-knit group of essentially all Asian friends. Now I have no idea where other Asians make their Asian friends, but I have pooled from a variety of sources. Those being Chinese school, family friends, church, and just mutual acquaintances. I love both of my groups dearly. Although my school one I feel I am not extremely close to, they have definitely allowed me to be part of their life and they have each influenced a significant portion of my time at my high school/middle school/wherever else they may have existed. My Chinese friends have stayed with me as a constant through life. Perhaps the reason I have so many Asian friends is because we are all in this together … expectations of parents, the foreignness of being a minority, the contrasts of culture at home and in public, whatever it is. I am grateful for each and every one of my friendships. And if you are an Asian, perhaps give that above article a read because you will definitely understand.