Random PINS

or somethin’

1. Polka Dots and Maxi Dresses

This dress combines two of my favorite things ❤ ❤ ❤ polka dots and maxi dresses

I love a black background with white dots over it and the flowy maxi dress is a comfortable, yet stylish and fancy way to dress up or down.

2. Flats

Also obsessed with flats. I prefer function over fashion, yet flats allow you to do both at once. Obsessed.

Actually probably just obsessed with the items that I currently am missing in my wardrobe 😦

3. Messy Hairdos

Something that’s always on my mind – HAIR. I love the messy relaxed look of this. Of course people with blonde hair always look kinda better than people with darker hair and its messiness, I am still racing to try and do a lil’ something with my hair. Keeps up the interest!




I’m not particularly sure what this is called??? I think I kind of made it up, but I think I shall go with a combination of French braid, waterfall braid, and regular braid ^_^

Done to my lovely roommate on a wonderful leadership summit right before a dance!

Youtubersssss Day 2: Cute Girls Hairstyles

Cute Girls Hairstyles

What I love about Cute Girls Hairstyles is the fact that it is a channel that is primarily subscribed simply for its content – the different types of hairstyles and braids. Many other channels get a lot more subscribers and viewers simply because the person that’s in it is attractive or hot or handsome or whatever, but Cute Girls Hairstyles has a lot of subscribers because the person – Mandy – has amazing talent when it comes to hair. I love to come to this channel to figure out how to do a new braid or a new hairstyle or just look for some inspiration… not to mention her and her many kids make an absolutely adorable family. 

Quadruple Waterfall Braid

My friend has the loveliest hair to work on. I intended to do a double, but it was so easy that I just kept going. It does look quite cool, I think.

White ButtonsAbstract BlueLancome LadyBrilliance

Chanel BeautyYellow MintLancome LadyTrousers

There is something I deeply admire about Emma Watson.

She has absolutely amazing fashion sense, not afraid to go wild with colors, yet entirely capable of keeping it simple and classy. She rocks every single hairstyle and her makeup is always flawless.

A wonderfully breathtaking human being, and in my opinion, my favorite actress.

I promise, this is probably only the first of what is going to be a whole slew of Emma Watson adoring blog posts.