Christian Songs (II)

Some Sunday worship 🙂 more of my favorite Christian songs

1.  At the Cross – Chris Tomlin

2. Cry in My Heart – Starfield

3. What do I know of Holy – Addison Road

4. Unashamed – Starfield

5. Lead me to the Cross – Hillsong United


Christian Songs (I)

I have sort of given up listening to music while in college simply because I am too busy and music detracts from my productivity, but the other day I pulled out my Spotify worship playlist and felt that I really needed it in my life right now. A couple of my absolute favorites 🙂

  1. How He Loves – David Crowder Band

2. You are Holy – Michael W. Smith

3. From the Inside Out – Hillsong

4. Blessed be Your Name – Matt Redman

5. You Make me Brave – Bethel Music

One of my favorite songs…

Jenny and Tyler

One-Eyed Cat

I heard this song a really long time ago, during a violin culmination concert during which the violin players show off their other talents which include dancing and singing and other awesome hilarious acts. It was sung by a friend of mine and another girl. It’s a song by Jenny and Tyler who wrote this song in order to reveal the things that they have had to sacrifice for their relationship, but realizing that it was completely worth it in the end. Later on, I ended up seeing Jenny and Tyler in concert and they are truly vocally talented with such a presence and focus on God in both their marriage and in their songs. Definitely recommend checking them out. They have a sort of Indie, hipster, folk vibe and are most likely to be top on the list for iTunes for independent artists.

Weekly Favorites 4

Panicking because I don’t do enough to actually have too many favorites each week HAHA

1. You are my strength – Hillsong Live

I am so so so obsessed with this song. It’s one of those songs that gives you a lot of chance for your own interpretation of the music.

2. Sardines

I don’t know why… but I’d probably eat this three times a day if I could. Unfortunately, I am limited to perhaps one every two days or so. Costco brand of course.

3. The Salt Collective

My friend showed this website to me. It focuses a lot on interesting news and on faith. I’m looking forward to going through it.

Weekly Faves 2


This is a website in which you virtually simulate being poor. Reading this… it kind of seems very offending, but the website, I think, gives you a nice over view of what those who are in poverty may be going through and a greater insight into what could have led to their troubles. You go into the website, you choose a low paying job – a waiter, a small administrator, etc. and then you have to go through a month without ending up with a balance of zero. However, you are faced with constant troubles and constant financial difficulties that come as a result of life – mother’s medication, death of dog, counselor meetings, kids, etc. After playing the game – which is actually really addicting, you understand the actions that those in poverty, who are desperate, have to make. At the end, it also asks you to donate $10 to Urban Ministries of Durham. I think it’s a good cause, so I’m definitely spreading the word about it ^_^

2. Mexican Rice Bowls!

I think it’s pretty obvious that everyone is in love with Chipotle. But not only is the food so delicious and so good, it’s also so healthy and so easy to make right in your own house! I love my Mexican rice bowls with avocados, chicken, lettuce, beans, etc. It’s your choice whatever you put into it and guh, so good 🙂


Hehe. I’m kind of obsessed with her absolutely adorable tumblr. She has all these cute characters in these comics responding to statements, topped with perfect drawings and clever puns. Check it out. Sooooo cute.

4. Listen to Our Hearts

I have always loved this song. It makes me so happy and so worship hyped. Not to mention it features one of my favorite artists, Tim Be Told.

Tim Be Told

Tim Be Told

I love their music and their devotion to God. Tim’s singing is phenomenal. They also have a blog Soul Endeavor that you can check out!

I’m not putting them as another Youtube channel because I have so much respect for the band that extends outside of Youtube.

Really, they are such an amazing band that really needs to get more recognition!

Youtubeeeeeeeeeee Day 1

Approximately a year ago, I started my blog with a couple reviews of my five favorite Youtube Channels. Except for maybe one or two, I still watch all of those channels. This year, I have a couple new ones to introduce. 

Kina Grannis has one of those slow, folksy type of voice, and she uses it with incredible effect. Her interesting take on all of her covers provide for a very thought-provoking sound. She also has numerous original songs, which are very unique to her, that she has used in soundtracks for some of Wong Fu Productions’ videos. If you are into cover artists, she’s one of the best in my humble opinion.