Monday Musings 8.1.16

And with that, we’re in August. I have one month left before I head back to school and it feels like summer has flown by. The tomatoes in my mother’s garden, however, have not taken notice, as they are just now beginning to ripen ūüôā Pretty little orange cherry tomatoes¬†too! Other than that exciting news, its been the occasional hangout and more graduation parties. I’m looking forward to the end of my physics class and some time to enjoy myself at last.

Some randomness below ūüôā



My boyfriend preordered this book for me, and I just got it in the mail today. After looking at the reviews and steeling myself for what’s to come, I am so looking forward to reading it.


Not reading necessarily, but I have been journalling lately in this absolutely beautiful notebook that someone gave me. Look how gorgeous!


at Terrain at Styers again… so expensive!! I got the trout with spinach and my friends all got some variety of peach salad with mac and cheese. The location, however, is insanely beautiful.



these beautiful flowers! (at UD) IMG_5239.JPG

and this cupcake! (at a grad party) IMG_5279.JPG

and more flowers! (courtesy of grad’s mother)¬†IMG_5280.JPG


for healing in sickness

for safety in travel

for peace in the world

for passion for the pursuit of God


Suits – because it’s interesting seeing Mike in prison and how he deals with it

How I Met Your Mother – for relationship advice

Modern Family – for laughs


Christian books I plan to read

Mere Christianity – C.S. Lewis


I got my boyfriend to read this book, but I haven’t actually read this book myself. Aside from the Chronicles of Narnia, this is probably the most famous of C.S. Lewis’s books and perhaps the one most blatantly centered on Christianity. It is actually adapted from a series of talks that Lewis gave between 1942 to 1944. I have read the first chapter or so of the book, but it is difficult to get through as¬†he¬†writes with an older more formal style and also very densely and precisely regarding¬†apologetic Christianity. I’m looking forward to finally pressing on and finishing this over the summer.

The Reason for God – Timothy Keller


My ministry fellow for Yale Faith and Action actually gave¬†this book to me so that my boyfriend could read. I asked for it because I knew that my boyfriend is not the type to fall for the emotional side of Christianity so much as for straight logical arguments. Timothy Keller, a famous person in the Christian community, goes through in each chapter several of the most common and most difficult questions regarding Christianity and provides his answers for all of them. I decided I definitely had to read this book in order to resolve some of my own doubts regarding Christianity and also preview whether it was acceptable enough of a coherent argument to give my boyfriend to read as well. I have just finished reading the first chapter, There Can’t Be Just¬†One¬†True Religion, and I must say that I am thoroughly impressed with his eloquence and the stickied effect of his words on my heart.

The Sacred Search – Gary Thomas


My ministry fellow gave me this book as well after I told her about my questions regarding dating someone who is not a Christian. She said that she had read The Sacred Heart, which is a similar book, except for people who are closer towards marriage. This one is more toned down for those who are dating and what it means to date with a Christian mentality.

The Case for Christ – Lee Strobel


As you can see, I have been really delving into these types of logical arguments towards Christianity and what makes it different from so many of the other religions out there. This particular book is less scholarly and more casual in its writing style. A journalist goes out and talks to the most prominent and most dedicated Christians out there regarding some of the issues of Christianity. I read the first chapter or so of the book and I was not as impressed as I was for The Reason for God, but I definitely appreciate both the styles of writing in bringing me a wider perspective.

NIV Study Bible 

My brother got a study Bible when he got baptized so I stole it from him to read because I have never used one before! It’s definitely given me greater energy and passion for the Bible, though the process has slowed my reading of the Bible to only around 10 pages a night – for every two or three verses, the Study Bible goes into five or six paragraphs analyzing the text. Although tedious, I am really loving the extra¬†insight that is incorporated into the reading and hopefully I will be able to get past Genesis pretty soon ūüėČ

Hunger Games vs. Harry Potter

Everybody thought that Hunger Games was the next Harry Potter… and in a way, it was. They made movies. The casting was a huge deal. People cried and screamed whenever the next book came out. Suzanne Collins was revered in readers’ eyes as the next J.K. Rowling. The next billionaire. Jennifer Lawrence and Emma Watson were scrutinized and their acting skills questioned.

And as soon as the comparisons start, the question of which one is better came up over and over again. While many appraise them as equals, I personally believe that there is no comparison.


Now. I’m not biased. Honestly.

I read Harry Potter and I read Hunger Games. I absolutely loved them both. Because they came on kind of separately, I was able to read them each separately and count down the days for the next book separately. I have all 7 books of Harry Potter and okay, only two out of three of the books of Hunger Games.

But coming from a reader and coming from a literary critic point of view, (which I’m not qualified technically for saying … ) there are several reasons I believe Harry Potter to be the better series. I’ve decided to do (probably) a series of posts for each reason why I think Harry Potter is better – in the most respectful way, I promise.

And this post is getting too long, so I’ll do it tomorrow or some other time haha.




Just a thought

I wanted this blog to be a very personal one. However, due to the random things that I like to do and am passionate about, people have been following me. It kind of goes against all of my intentions of the creation of this blog and exactly what I wanted it to be used for. Originally, it was words that were written by myself for myself, but I found myself, because of stats and followers and likes and comments (even as sparse as they come) writing with an audience in mind. I have taken to writing “you” rather than just writing my sentiments and I try to revise and write for myself again, but it is not as easy as simply changing “you” to “I.”

It kind of feels weird and it kind of makes me feel uncomfortable because it was entirely not what I wanted to do I guess … and then suddenly it is? It does make me happy that people are reading what I write and liking it or commenting it and I feel myself getting more immersed in the culture of a “blog” rather or not my pictures and random quotes and sharing of videos and long essays constitute the standards of one ūüėõ

I think it is quite interesting that people all around the world are reading what I’m writing and somehow, I have changed so that I’m not thinking about myself anymore and more about other people and what they are facing and just, simply thrusting my life out there bit by bit so that I’m not just one person secluded in the bubble that is real life and my home, but also someone who can say that I made someone’s day in Malaysia or that I have connections and people may be thinking about me and the world or something that I have influenced them to ponder about.¬†It’s hard to put it in words without sounding selfish or stupid or self-promoting – because when you post blogs and add tags, you automatically communicate that you want to be popular through blogging and you want people to look at your stuff, etc., etc.

So I guess all I am saying is my purpose has changed in a way. I want to be personal. But I want to do something or create something that other people can look at that and say they learned something or felt something wasn’t a waste of time. Some parts may speak to people, other parts may be quite personal that it can only be related to me.¬†This blog? It’s a conglummeration of the person I am. Tiny tidbits and parts.¬†