Watercolor Art

I’ve taken one watercolor art class at my school… and I absolutely loved it. There’s something so beautiful about its sporadic, spunky nature. The colors are surreal and intensified. In the shadows of wrinkles and the simple face of a person, there is always green and blue and white and red. Everything is based on structured masking tape so that the colors don’t run into certain areas… but other than that, it’s free for all. Spontaneity! The frustration of watercolor is in the fact that you can never decide how it looks or how you color it, so you may have to start over if you mess up, which can happen a lot. It’s also the part of watercolor that’s beautiful. You never know, and it may just turn into something greater than you could have ever imagined.

Now to the interesting stufff…. these watercolor works of art are just a couple of the ones I’ve been obsessed with lately on Pinterest!

sidenote: those comments at the bottom of each are not mine…. LOL