“Types” of fun (I)

A series on some of the really nice graphic design/hand lettering work that I stumble upon in my daily life, I have a lot of these hanging on my wall for inspiration

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City Church gave these out around Christmas, I believe, in order to encourage people to really branch out and believe in the spreading of churches across the New England area


The Yale Literary Magazine always does something funky every year. I believe they also try to incorporate the letters of the alphabet into the magazine, so I”m assuming that these abstract pieces can be manipulated into letters.


A sophomore in Yale Students for Christ designed this beautiful little invitation for a women’s celebration event that the men of YSC helped put together.

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This is for a bi-semester Yale literature magazine Kalliope that had a really nice cover.


The Asian American Cultural Center had their annual cultural showcase. This was the poster designed for advertisement – it’s really very beautiful.

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City Church gave these out for their new sermon series on the “unparalleled accomplishments of the Son of God” – really a beautiful series, I might add