YouTube Day 4: Cute Polish

Even though I don’t wear nail polish very often, I always check out Sandy, or Cute Polish’s designs. Her creations are so fascinating and imaginative. Not only that, but she also features other YouTube nail artists, gives application techniques, and tips on nail maintenance. If you’re into nail design or anything nails related at all, you should definitely check her out!


YouTube Day 3: Miniature Space

My suitemate from college showed me this YouTube channel and let me just say that I am thoroughly obsessed.

Essentially, it’s a cooking channel for miniature food. A mysterious person (face unseen) takes out these miniature knives and spoons, gets out his miniature pot, pulls out the matches, and gets cooking on food items approximately 10 times smaller than actually consumable material.

Although not particularly useful for someone who genuinely wants to learn how to make a certain dessert or side dish, it is fascinating how this person accomplishes these tasks on a miniature level – for example, stir frying or making french fries. There is a sense of imaginative exploration, which really draws viewers in.




YouTube Day 2: AndymetSonia

I’m not sure if anyone has heard of them before, but Jayesslee is a YouTube music channel created by twin sisters, Sonia and Janice. They are Korean-Australian Christians! They have received mega success due to their popular covers of songs, but because they both became pregnant and had kids around the same time, they decided to take a break from YouTube.

AndymetSonia is actually Sonia’s vlogging channel. After having her kid (she’s actually pregnant with baby #2!), she decided to more seriously vlog about her life so as to remember some of the important memories of childhood and also appease her horde of fans. I quite like them because I think they live really exciting, very faithful lives. Anyways, if you’re interested, check them out!


YouTube Day 1: Cooking with Dog

As a celebration of my blog achieving yet another year <3, I have decided to revive something that I did as part of my very first blog posts – a feature on some of my favorite YouTubers, which have evolved and changed since that first day three or so years ago.

I stumbled upon this channel Cooking With Dog by accident during many a hungry night in my college dorm – watching other people cooking food and eating it is almost as good as eating it yourself, right?

What really sticks out to me about this channel is its quality and its originality. Ever since they started their YouTube channel (around 2007?), they have had the same format of video making. Obviously, the number of pixels have changed due to increasing technology, but the general format has always been the same. It always starts with lovely Chef (real name unknown) offering a greeting, before bustling into the neat, organized method of Japanese cooking with Francis, her real life dog by her side “narrating” (actually a man speaking in a  Japanese English French accent). At the end, they always have the exact ingredients written down with Chef tasting the food and petting Francis. It has always been so clean and simple, professionally done, and of course a million times better than anything else with the unique addition of Francis in the cooking videos.

If anyone is interested in Japanese-style cooking recipes or just a lover of both dogs and food, I would definitely check this cute little YouTube channel out.


1. Andrew McMahon

I really like the pump up vibe of his music – whenever you need to be happy, just listen to it. Whenever I fall in love with one specific song, I will jam out on repeat.

2. Tab for a Cause

Tab for A Cause

You can download this app on whatever browser you use. Without any effort on your part, every time you open a new tab, it will play an ad and you will get a heart – these hearts can be donated to various organizations that are close to you – water, health, human rights, etc. The hearts are generated as ad revenue and it will be changed into money that gets donated. It’s a pretty innovative way of raising money. Right now, they have raised a total of $106,440.34, so please join because the more people that are on board, the more money that gets donated!

3. iPhone


And I suppose this goes without saying, but I am pretty excited about my new iPhone. I find it so much easier to talk to people and to communicate – via email or Facebook…  I am still debating whether or not to get an instagram, but we’ll see. Hopefully I can use it to take more pictures to share to you all of all the exciting things in my life heh

Blind Devotion


I cried so hard during this video, especially when it turned to the man’s perspective. You see… this is what happens between us and the Lord. He is always watching us, protecting us, even when though we are blind in every way possible. Although we might think everything in our life is wrong, we do not realize that we have Him, we have a devoted one so close to us, protecting us, comforting us, and always there for us.

Blind devotion

I love Jubilee

Carissa Alvarado from “Us the Duo”

Another artist/band that I am obsessed with is Us the Duo.

You can check out their fantastic mashup of the most popular songs of 2014 here….

But on to one half of “Us the Duo” is Carissa Alvarado, whose fashion sense I absolutely love

Screen Shot 2014-12-07 at 12.10.56 AM Screen Shot 2014-12-07 at 12.11.16 AM Screen Shot 2014-12-07 at 12.26.48 AMScreen Shot 2014-12-07 at 12.10.38 AM

Carissa knows how to dress for her skin tone. I love her use of earthy tones and colors – going for the off reds and whites, browns that match extremely well with her hair, the relaxed hippy kind of look with hats and comfortable shoes and dresses. She seems to wear with careful care, but with a comfortable understated look. It also helps that she is absolutely gorgeous! 🙂

You can see more of her amazing style on her Instagram – which I took the pictures from!

Carissa Alvarado

Weekly Faves 5

Whew, coming back from a long hiatus.

Things I is liking right now…

1) Big Scarves

Photo on 11-23-14 at 8.57 PM #2

I like wrapping my scarves and then knotting them and fluffing them up. So warm and so comfy, especially during this season.

2) Yahoo Answers

Yeah, I’m going to admit it. Physics is so stinkin’ hard. But it’s really nice being able to find people who are willing to explain the problem to you. This is the only reason I survive physics.

3) Let the Waters Rise – Mikeschair

This song is so beautiful. It makes me want to sing.


Because why not, it’s coming up soon. The word cornucopia got me a bonus point on a lit quiz too 😉 I’m ready for a much needed break … in order to do more college apps and study and catch up with work.

John Green

I’m kind of obsessed with John Green

and his tumblr

John Green’s Tumblr

He’s absolutely hilarious and you just know he’s an amazing writer just because of the oh so casual snarky, sarcastic, hilarious, funny, heartwarming tone that he manages to slide into his various posts.

He posts about everything. And everything is interesting.

Such as his work in Ethiopia.

His adamant opposition towards sexual assault and the recent Sam Pepper incident.



A Sporadic Weekly Favorite

I am just trying this out for fun … I don’t know how it’ll go but we’ll see – which is why it is so aptly named “sporadic.”

1. Hillsong – Still

I always love going back to Hillsong United because they always have the most consistent, soothing, worship songs. Still is a somewhat old song, I believe, that my friend just recently suggested to me. I fell absolutely in love with it and the lyrics.

Find rest my soul
In Christ alone
Know His power
In quietness and trust

In the stillness, in the quiet, worship God. Know Him a little better.

2. Tattoos on the Heart – Gregory Boyle

Tattoos on the Heart

I’ll probably write something more on this topic later… but basically, this book has absolutely touched my heart. Even though it gets kind of repetitive near the end, it has really resounded with me personally because of some of the work I was doing over the summer. Basically, I received an internship working with Latin American kids in a large, high crime rate, city near my home town. The book deals with Latin Americans and gangs in California. It’s also sort of a religious book and I think reading it really just drove me back to what I truly believe in and really allowed me to think and ponder about my faith and the issues of the world and society.

3. Jayesslee is BACK

Popular twin sisters on Youtube came back after over a year of leaving to take care of their two newly born babies! Even though they just had a small 20 second or so cover because of their crying children, I’m excited for what’s in store. I adore them.

4. Random PINS

Cute idea – decorating a wall with a coffee mug display that also serves as a wonderful storage idea.

Creative bow eyeliner idea – totally interesting… but totally not doable? ? Can’t even put on regular make up 😛

I love this… I don’t even know what this is called… but I think it’s so beautiful, so simple, so natural.